Zodiac Sign Leo

Dedicated to Her - Just the way you want him to be!

by Franca Mazzei


Leo - The God

Do you have the soul of a geisha? Do you dream of a fascinating, passionate, courageous, infallible, generous and powerful man - practically a god - to adore unconditionally placing him above any other affection or interest, past, present and future? Someone who presses you up to him, smothers you with kisses and expensive presents, and tells you "now I am in your life, baby, you will have no man other than me, après moi, le déluge!".? A loving-companion who treats you like a queen, provided that it is quite clear to you that he is King?
There’s no doubt: it is a Leo you want! And to aim at such a wonderful being you must obviously be very desirable, beautiful and intelligent (he loves feeling envied), while avoiding overshadowing him or - worse! – calling into question any of his absolute truths (even if you are irrefutably right).
If you conquer him, his overwhelming passion and his undeniable human warmth will change your life, and he will be faithful to you, but take into account that: you will have to shower him with continuous praise, infinite gratitude and "spontaneous" obedience; you will never be able to dare having eyes for any other (man, woman, child, animal); as regards vanity, pride and presumptuousness has no equal among common mortals (not for nothing is he a god, no?); he considers any criticism equivalent to a mortal offence to be washed away with blood!

Zodiac sign Leo
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