Zodiac Sign Aries

Dedicated to Her - Just the way you want him to be!

by Franca Mazzei


Aries - The Warrior

Do you dream of a man who will fall in love with you right from the moment you lock eyes with him and who would move heaven and earth to win your heart? A man who sweeps you off your feet with his passion and is ready to challenge anyone who dares come between you, including your current boyfriend or an unaware neighbour? A man who takes up the cudgels for you against criminals, insects or dragons?
Well then, an Aries is undoubtedly what you are looking for! Because nobody “runs on” love at first sight as much as Aries do, and this love – for as long as it lasts – has the power to channel all his (explosive!) vital energy into one direction: winning your heart at all costs and by all means. And coming up against an obstacle or "rival" would be good because it would result in making him love you all the more! So, especially at the beginning, don’t make it too easy for him and, above all, take on a bit of the air of the "unrescuable princess" who is only waiting for him to escape something or someone.
But then be aware that: in bed he is ultra-passionate and "macho", but not so imaginative in the long term; he can display courage in all situations, but he can’t help picking a fight with whomever (and particularly with you, your friends and your relatives); he’s thoughtful, ever-present, lively and generous but dangerously jealous and, above all, he always wants to get the upper hand!

Zodiac sign Aries
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