Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

Dedicated to Her - Just the way you want him to be!

by Franca Mazzei


Sagittarius Ė The Nice Guy

Do you want a smiling man with a sunny character, always ready to look at the positive side of each situation? Someone who infects you and supports you with his unshakable optimism? A spontaneous, sincere, sporty type, who does not use strategies and is always himself?
A partner who is so nice and vivacious that your female friends will like him but who is also reliable and down-to-earth enough to win your mother at first glance?
In a word: do you want a nice guy? You have no choice, then: a Sagittarius is the right man for you! Although he is convinced that he is an adventurous type, who loves travelling and the unexpected, with no fixed abode and perennially in search of wider horizons, it wonít take you long to understand that deep down what he really needs is a normal life with no great complications.
Win his heart with a cheerful smile, a direct look, a run in the park or an outing with friends, and if he thinks you are "right" for him, he will open up the doors of his heart and of his life to you without putting up any resistance.
But then take into account that: he will cause you embarrassment because of his frequent gaffes; in bed he turns out to be more a gymnast than a lover; he will spread so much equipment throughout the house that it will look like a gym; he will involve you in weird journeys; you will often have to explain jokes to him and let him know (with the due caution) that, generally, donkeys donít fly!

Zodiac sign Sagittarius
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