Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Dedicated to Her - Just the way you want him to be!

by Franca Mazzei


Acquarius - The Eccentric One

Do you feel yourself forcefully attracted to "strange" types? Those that donít care about labels, rules, convention, religious creeds, fashions and formalism? Those that love tilting against windmills? Those that have an argument with everything (often with themselves), generally defending lost causes or chasing revolutions other utopia? Those that donít recognise either bosses or restrictions, donít pay fines, lose their house keys and create perennial confusion?
If so, it only remains for you to choose an Acquarius! Free, creative, eccentric and protester, he loves humanity much more than people in flesh and blood, especially when they limit his sacred freedom and try to commit him to long-term deadlines. Contrary to the traditional couple, you can conquer him only if you become his friend and get him to believe that youíll remain that way even after ten years of living together (difficult if you get married) and a couple of children (that heíll treat as playmates).
Of course, life with him will be fun, full of friends and open to the world, but you must also calculate that: he is cerebral and coolish (often even in bed); heís more worried about pandas in danger of extinction than your splitting headache; heís not jealous and canít stand it when you are; he hates dinners by candlelight; one day he might go out to buy cigarettes never return...

Zodiac sign Aquarius
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