Zodiac Sign Taurus

Dedicated to Her - Just the way you want him to be!

by Franca Mazzei


Taurus – The “Mum” Man

Do you really dream of a trustworthy, down-to-earth, patient, easy-going, protective man who is able to take care of you like a real "mum"? A quiet and reliable man who can guarantee you an “eco-friendly” and peaceful life, maybe in the country? A partner who, when you are tired or in need of cuddles, lovingly cooks you healthy and tasty meals with a chef skills? And one who is glad to do it for your possible children too?
Well then, a Taurus is undoubtedly the best choice for you! Taking care of people he loves is one of the things he does best, at least as far as the practical and daily side of life is concerned, mainly because he loves cooking, staying at home and when he (rarely) gives in to feelings it is forever.
Winning his heart is not easy (assuming you find one who is not engaged): immune to love at first sight, he moves at a slow pace, is very cautious and inclined to distrust women who are too enterprising. But if you manage to discretely tickle his great sensuality and won't drag him into smoky and crowded clubs ... he will be yours! At this point, take into account that: he is a creature of habit, a couch potato, incredibly stubborn and not very inclined to let his imagination wander; he will never allow you to put him/yourselves on a diet; he will remain faithful to you for a lifetime, but on condition that you accept his limitless possessiveness ...

Zodiac sign Taurus
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