Just the way you want her to be, or rather : is she the woman for you?

A saint or a whore? Reserved or enterprising? A housewife or a career woman? Beautiful or intelligent? Witty or reserved? Or a mix of different characteristics? Every man has an "ideal woman" in his dreams, maybe sometimes a bit unattainable, who is considered as such because she is like his mother or is the exact opposite, or because she looks like a media model, or because of real elective affinities. As well as male typologies (which we have already dealt with in this section), female typologies can be more or less traced back to the twelve zodiac Signs: twelve typologies, twelve portraits of women under the magnifying glass of Astrology, which should be taken with a touch of irony and always remembering that people in flesh and blood (especially women) are much more complex and multi-faceted than the Sun Sign alone can explain. And you, what kind of woman do you want, or what kind of woman are you...?

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