Which is your lost Planet?

We know that each Sign has three ruling planets, the first one is the domicile ruler (which embodies the most peculiar characteristics), the second one is in exaltation and the third one is the domicile co-ruler, with the exception of Cancer and Leo that have only two ruling planets: the Sun and the Moon. But according to the astrology by Lisa Morpurgo, in each Sign there is also the "transparency" of a fourth Planet, a kind of underground and barely visible trace (therefore transparent) that according to the Signs can be experienced as the regret of a value that we lost but that belonged to us in a faraway and nebulous past, as an inner threaten, or as an unconscious wish. But in any case, and whether you are conscious of that or not, this "secret" Planet influences our intimate nature and some of our behaviour patterns, explaining attitudes, qualities and faults, the origin of which would otherwise not be completely understood (helping us understand, for example, why Aries sometimes looks like Virgo, or Scorpio like Leo).

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