If I catch you Iíll destroy you!

On an etymological level, the word "aggressiveness" (from Latin "ad-gredior", literally "to go towards") is neutral since it indicates an outward-oriented action (whether it be "good" or "bad"), which aims at taking possession of something or pushing something away, based on curiosity, desire (also sexual), fear, anger, desire to play (just think of young animals that simulate bloody fights) as well as impulse to kill. The modern meaning of the term implies a good, "defensive" aggressiveness, which is the ability of an individual to react to a negative stimulus directed against him or his territory: an instinctive impulse that plays a fundamental role in the struggle for existence, because it enables us to face up to dangers and difficulties. But there also exists a hostile, bad, "offensive", violent aggressiveness, aimed at attacking (or annihilating) other people and making them suffer physically or psychologically, which results from that "dark side" that each of us has inside to different degrees and in different ways. And the ruling Planets of the Sign can sometimes be emblematic in that sense.

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