And now ... do it!

Whether you call it penis, male member or phallus, the meaning does not change, but considerable individual variations can be counted among the different phalli: happily phallic, plausibly phallible, humanly phallacious, deplorably phallocentric, laughably phallocratic, but also sadly a phailure... And which of us has never phallen into temptation? Astrologically, it is Mars, the red planet of energy, sex and aggressiveness that determines the way one expresses sexual desire (and thus it also embodies the phallus). And although in order to carry out a thorough analysis we should also investigate the house Mars is placed in at birth and the aspects it forms with the other Planets in the Birth Chart, the Sign undoubtedly influences to a good extent the nature, quality and quantity of male performances, while in female subjects apart from the passion charge often indicates the kind of lover you feel more or less inevitably attracted to. Which is your Mars Sign? I mean, what kind of phallus do you have, or what is your ideal phallus? The answers to these disturbing (and perhaps phallacious) questions are the following!

Sign: nature of the phallus.
Location: where to do it.
Partner: with whom to do it.

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