Lunar returns: what are they and what are they used for

At this point, for all those who have got this far “from the beginning” (we mean for all the persons that they have had the perseverance to read all this section, in the order in which they have been presented) it will almost be a piece of cake to understand the subject of Lunar returns.
In this part of the section dedicated to Active astrology you will in fact discover what they are, what they are used for, how and why they are "used".

Their mechanism is identical to that of the SR: a Lunar return (LR) takes place once a month when the Moon returns (Return) and once again occupies exactly the position it occupied in the natal chart at the moment of our birth.
With which annual frequency does the Return of the Moon occur? About twelve times per year, since as we all know, the Moon takes about a month to completely circle the zodiac; but what does this "about" imply? That almost always, in the course of a year, each of us will in fact have thirteen or even fourteen lunar returns instead of twelve.

Just before we mentioned that the mechanism of the LR is the same as that of the SR and also its interpretation is substantially the same as that of the SR, although the power of an RL is very much inferior to that of the SR in whose “tracks” the LR must be collocated and interpreted. Then also regarding Lunar Returns in the first instance we will always look for where the Ascendant of the LR (or ALR) falls and subsequently, although it is decidedly of secondary importance, we will check the position of the planets above all in the presence of stellium (accumulation of planets) in the houses of the LR or RLR (Relocated Lunar return).

It is also appropriate to specify that if in a certain year we already had a bad SR, even three or four "relocated" LR in succession will not change the situation already defined by the SR; the opposite reasoning is also valid, in other words if instead we have ensured a good Solar Return for ourselves (through a journey or because it was already so) even the worst LR will have no effect against that special "shield".
In this respect overall it seems rather superfluous to "relocate" an LR. Clearly it is feasible (and the mechanism is identical to the one described in relocating the SR, thus for anyone who has not yet done it we refer the articles in the section in which this is explained in detail) and some persons with the means and time at their disposal do it, but we were saying that it is quite superfluous for the reasons we have already explained, because, let's remind you once more: if the BSR was bad and you did not leave, it will in any case be useless to try to make amends by relocating one or more LR that are in any case always "governed", "inscribed" in the annual SR because they are contained within it.
Furthermore – and once again it is Ciro Discepolo to indicate this – it is advisable to relocate an LR when you wish to make a good RSR to "become stronger", to have an extra bit of "help" with a "little push", and thanks to the in depth studies of this extraordinary astrologer, the founder of the school of Active astrology, we summarise in succession certain concepts that he has expressed also regarding Lunar Returns and relocated Lunar Returns (LR and RLR).

-As we have already stated, the authoritative scholar always reminds us that the power of an LR is always clearly inferior to that of an SR (or RSR) within which it acts.

- It must be made just as clear that not even a number of consecutive LR can ever even slightly subvert what is written in one BSR (or RSR).

- Ciro Discepolo tells us about the concept of “modulation” to make us better understand the functioning of LR (or RLR) and explains to us that we can “help ourselves” relocating one or more LR in the direction of the BSR (or RSR) within which this it acts. The modulation concept has been summarised as follows by the scholar: “a process by which we will manage, with a little input, to raise or lower a certain threshold”. To which threshold is the famous astrologer referring? To the threshold expressed by the position of certain planets in the SR (or RSR) on which we would be acting further (in the same direction indicated by the latter) modulating one or more LR. This is why within the boundaries of one LR the position of the planets in several houses of an LR or RLR, as we stated a little earlier, has a secondary importance compared to the importance of an SR, but it is not totally insignificant, because it is also by carefully interpreting them that we can act to make “that” RLR more “powerful” rather than another one. However, let's not forget, that relocating LR is not essential.

- As far as the LR Ascendant is concerned, we might even make it fall in the radix 12 ^, 6 ^ or I ^ house, if, however, this is useful only to simultaneously place, for example, a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in a tenth house of a LR, a position already foreseen by the on-going SR.
But why? Has it not been repeated several times in this literature that to position the Ascendant of a SR in the radix 12 ^, 6 ^ or I ^ House, or rather the triad of the most dangerous positions described by Discepolo, is a negative thing? Yes, of course, but if beforehand we have assured ourselves a good RSR and we "modulate" the planets of the LR in the direction of the RSR, the "dangerous" Ascendant of the LR will at most give us a seasonal illness but it will not be able to expose us in absolute terms to more serious problems.

- As far as departures to reach the locations of RLR are concerned, the subject is identical to that already explained for SR: better to leave a day or two earlier (for the LR this is sufficient) and then to leave again immediately half an hour after the RLR has been released. If instead there is uncertainty over the hour of our birth it is better to remain in the location of the RLR even an hour or two "after" it has been activated.

- Contrary hypothesis: does the RLR we have chosen NOT go in the direction already described by the on-going SR (or RSR) but instead in the opposite direction? The goal we searched for cannot be obtained. For example: we put Saturn and Uranus in the 5th house of a RSR and then instead we leave for a RLR for which we decided to put a Venus in the 5th house in the RLR to help us with our love life and to "repair" a little the Saturn and Uranus couple in the 5th house of the RSR?
Well, practically nothing at all will happen. Is the concept clear?

In the item called “Lunar returns: the dating of events” you will find some practical examples that will help you to identify which are the months when most likely you will experience the events reported by the SR, the main goal of the LR.

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