Relocated Solar Return

Every year the Sun returns to the same position it was at the time of your birth.
This astronomical event (solar return) occurs more or less near your birthday, that is, when each of you saw the light of the Sun for the first time.
This event significantly marks the beginning of a new cycle that will last 365 days.

The Solar Return (SR) is a chart calculated for the exact moment and place when the Sun returns in its natal position.

As you received a specific astrological imprinting (birth chart) at the exact moment of birth, so the SR chart, will positively or negatively influence the next 365 days until a cycle ends and the next one begins. Now the question is obvious: is it possible to change a Solar Return chart? Of course! We cannot change planet positions withing zodiac signs but their positions in the twelve houses of SR will significantly change according to the place.

Thanks to the important results of research conducted by Ciro Discepolo on thousands of cases, we now know that the SR is a highly valuabe forecasting tool and that must never be interpreted as a birth chart. We also know that the probability of dealing with a difficult year, marked by unpleasant and painful events, considerably increases if the SR chart shows certain configurations, particularly if the transits are unfavorable in that year. Finally, we know that the power of the SR is higher than that of transits and for this reason the technique of relocating the SR acquires great importance.

The solar return relocation advice aims to suggest a specific place where to spend your solar return. The goal is to avoid dangerous configurations in the SR chart and at the same time enhancing and modulating the position of certain planets in relation to the objectives you set out to achieve during the year.

There are many astrologers who use the technique of solar return and recommend it to their customers, but only few follow the teachings of the School of Active Astrology and the methodology developed by its founder Ciro Discepolo.
The choice of the destination where to spend your birthday requires not only thorough knowledge of Solar returns theory and technique but also extensive experience that can only be acquired after having interpreted thousands of Solar Returns. Keep this in mind before putting yourselves in the hands of inexperienced astrologers as the consequences of a wrong location choice can be sometimes very heavy.

We highly discourage accepting suggestions on a possible destination to be reached without asking first for an in-depth study of your current situation and the transits that will influence your birth chart during the year, from birthday to birthday. The Solar return relocation must be studied with a view to achieving specific goals and there are several variables that must be considered. A good SR for one person may not be good for another.

Finally, it is useful to know that the astrologer who relocates a Solar Return must use a specific software to ensure calculation accuracy even at extreme latitudes and the observance of the daylight saving time rules all over the world. There is only a program avalaible which can ensure the accuracy of these calculations. It is called Aladin and has been developed by Ciro Discepolo.

The astrologers who offer their advice on this website are students of Ciro Discepolo and they follow his teachings and his methodology as well as using Aladin software.

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