The Solar Return Ascendant in the twelve houses of the birth chart

Up to now, except for the introduction to the Solar Return concept, we have dealt with a few technical and practical questions; therefore we will now go into a little more detail on the strictly theoretical part that regards Solar returns.

In this article - which regards importance, almost supremacy - of the position of the SR Ascendant in the twelve houses of the birth chart, we refer exclusively to the teachings of the person who, as we have already stated a number of times, is the undisputed leader in Europe in this field, the Italian Ciro Discepolo, the founder of the School of Active Astrology, who inspired this section on Solar Returns.
Throughout the years in which he was studying and undertaking research in the field of SR, he defined some very important rules (some of which are already discussed with regard, for example, to the signs of short and long ascension); among these, the rule regarded the meaning of the SR Ascendant during the year that you are about to face, and in relation to the birth chart, is of fundamental importance.
If you wish to read the meanings of the SR Ascendant in the twelve houses of the birth chart, we refer you to the section dedicated to this topic; it is nevertheless essential to stop here and now, before going into detail regarding the meanings, and to understand why it is so important to know WHERE the SR Ascendant falls compared to the houses of the birth chart of the subject.

In fact, Ciro Discepolo has explained that firstly, from an overall point of view an SR chart DOES NOT work and MAY NOT be interpreted as a birth chart. If anything it has to be interpreted only if it is put in relation to the birth chart, like a "spontaneous", and "progressive" addition to it from year to year. In fact, our smart Neapolitan scholar, in order to obtain an accurate and effective interpretation of an SR chart, recommends taking into consideration a few essential elements.

He advises us:

- Firstly to check in which radical house of the birth chart the SR Ascendant falls.
- Where a stellium (accumulation) of planets in the SR chart falls compared to the houses of the SR chart.
- Where the SR Sun falls compared to the houses of the SR chart
- Where the unfavourable planets (above all Mars and Saturn) of the SR fall compared to the houses of the SR chart.

It is always useful to remind anyone who wishes to undertake a journey on his/her own astrological birthday, or else to relocate an SR and make it become an RSR, that moving on our astrological birthday allows us ONLY to change the position of the houses in the zodiac signs of the SR chart, and CERTAINLY NOT the position of the planets in the signs, or EVEN a possible modification of the angular aspects that the planets form between them.

You agree with this, don’t you?
Well then, our SR Ascendant is the first of four factors listed by Ciro Discepolo in the list of the four most important elements to consider in an SR, and is without doubt the most important element, the first thing, the "headline" that will tell us what the stars have in store for us in the twelve months that follow our birthday; as a result it is also very important to carefully observe in which house of the birth chart our SR Ascendant will fall.
In this respect Discepolo has identified three "dangerous" houses, in other words ones that absolutely need to be avoided if your SR Ascendant falls there, and for us to better understand the danger of these three houses in particular. This famous astrologer has drafted a kind of "infernal" classification that we show further on which is needed for us to better understand the following:

- The most dangerous element is the SR Ascendant when it falls in the twelfth house of our birth chart.
- In second place in terms of danger is the SR Ascendant when it falls in the sixth house of our birth chart.
- In third place in terms of danger is the SR Ascendant when it falls in the first house of our birth chart.

Take note that in terms of percentage points there is little difference between the first and third position: that is to say it is not the case that the SR Ascendant in the twelth ^ radical house is worth a value of 100 and the SR Ascendant of the first radical house is worth 50. NOT AT ALL!
The SR Ascendant in the first house is worth 98 and that of the sixth ^ house is worth 96; is that clear?
The great scholar and astrologer was able to develop this rule based on hundreds and hundreds of cases he analysed in detail; probably those of you who understand something about astrology will easily understand why it is so dangerous to have an SR Ascendant in the twelth ^ radical house (prisons, places that are closed-in, hospitals, hidden enemies, depression etc) or in the sixth ^ radical house (health, work, daily life in all its aspects etc), nevertheless they will probably find it a little more difficult to grasp the danger of an SR Ascendant in the first radical house.
In fact, a standard explanation does not exist. The fact is that it was experimented by Discepolo (and also to the detriment of the writer of this article) that an SR Ascendant in the first radical house is as dangerous, harmful and devastating as an SR Ascendant in the twelth ^ or the sixth ^ radical house.
Nobody before this great scholar of Naples had given such an exact reading in this sense, but Discepolo's school is now, like it or not, a point of reference, and we are not talking about abstract data but, we repeat, of hundreds of cases studied in depth and scrupulously, initially only by him and then also by his numerous students.
Therefore, if you find out in time that you will have one of the three aforementioned terrible positions on your next SR chart, there is only one thing for you to do without any hesitation: take note and leave! You will also remember very well that it does not matter at all if that twelth ^, sixth ^ or first house of the SR will perhaps include both Venus and Jupiter, if the Ascendant will fall in one of those three houses of your birth chart, you will in any case end up with a bad year, for everything. Unless of course … you leave!

Someone might object: but are you only giving bad news? Isn’t there – on the contrary – a "magic" placement for the SR Ascendant?
And the answer is: of course there is! It is called, for example (but not only), the tenth house. The merit for this astrological acquisition, this certitude, is also completely attributed to the famous Italian scholar.
In fact, in this respect, after years of study and research Ciro Discepolo was able to develop the theory that when the SR Ascendant falls on the X house of your birth chart – and at the same time the transits of slow moving planets support this placement – then your year may be enhanced on numerous fronts rather than one only in specific terms, but in any case there is no doubt that it will involve professional rather than sentimental achievements, or in any case all around improvements for the subject. However, remember that we can put an SR Ascendant in the tenth radical house only if simultaneously there are no slow moving planets in hard aspect to the Luminaries, the Ascendant and the Midheaven of the birth chart in that year. In this regard, in respect of the concept of contemporaneity, we refer you to the article in this section called “Dating of the events in the SR chart and transits interpretation compared to the on-going SR” which regards the role of the slow transiting planets.
Also, there is another area specifically dedicated to the interpretation of the single planet in the twelve houses of the SR chart. We will then talk about their negative effects in the three dangerous houses: that is to say the twelth ^, sixth ^ and first houses and the absolutely positive effects of the good tenth house and also in other very positive houses.

All clear? Let's go on!

We now invite you to discover directly what “exorcising symbols“ means - in other words going into detail in the theory which, along with the RSR, is the core of what in effect has become a new school of astrology, recognised at an international level: the School of Active astrology.

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