Further considerations and observations regarding Solar Returns

So we’re leaving...?
But for what destination? For the one most suitable to "capture" the best birthday sky for you in that year! The choice of destination, the relocation of the SR chart (Relocated Solar Return) that at least initially we advise you to face guided by an expert astrologer, should never be done without simultaneously and with extreme attention considering the transits of the slow moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) in relation to your planets, to the Ascendant and to the Midheaven of your birth chart, but we will be discussing this topic further in another part of this section, purposely dedicated to it.

To leave, to start a journey, even alone, just for a holiday, usually puts us in a good mood and activates new energies for all human beings, regardless of whether it concerns leaving for an astrological birthday or not.
Imagine instead if it is a question of packing your luggage to travel somewhere that from an astrological point of view guarantees us a whole year safe from difficult times and/or troubles! In this case the expectations and the psychological energies are increased and you will have the best possible positive attitude you can take to face the next twelve months because, remember, a journey on your astrological birthday, as already mentioned in our introduction, lasts for the entire period of twelve months that start from the day of your birthday in the current year to the day of your birthday the following year: not a single day more or less.

In fact, in this respect it is worth pointing out the importance of the days that precede and that immediately follow your birthday: they are the most important days!
It is especially in these days that – this rule, like many others that will follow, have been statistically determined by the great scholar of this theory, Ciro Discepolo – the most important events of the whole year happen. It is exactly in those days that there is a greater emission (for good and bad) of the energies put in motion by your birthday Sky.
We have to point out that the importance of the days near a birthday concerns all human beings, regardless of whether they are travelling or not on their birthdays. Obviously, those who travel are better "protected" compared to those who are "caught" at home on their astrological birthdays or by a BSR (basic solar return) that is perhaps not a good one.
Try it out yourselves, going back in your mind to the memories of your birthdays or those of your relatives. How many events (positive and negative) "gathered", or grouped together in the days close to your birthday: from a much desired degree to an important work contract that has changed your career, from the birth of your first child to your marriage, and you will discover – without needing to be astrologers – that this rule of the days close to a birthday (Ciro Discepolo also provides an exact number: twenty days before and after your anniversary) really works!
There is no magic here either, but only the attentive observation and the scrupulous studies carried out by Ciro Discepolo in years and years of research that in the present day allow us to discuss these subjects in the same way as a real subject of study that deserves to be studied.

Also be careful of another thing; read events in newspapers or certain magazines attentively: you will find as many examples as those mentioned above that however concern others and not you. Often they are news, sport, political, or journalistic personalities: for example you may read about a dangerous person on the run who is arrested on your birthday (or instead that manages to escape from prison on that day. It’s the same thing, from the standpoint of the energies put in motion by a birthday nothing changes, everything depends if the person has "been caught" by a good or bad (SR). And always from the news you will be able to be read about the famous actor who receives Oscar for his career on the day of his birthday or also unfortunately (as often happens) of a bad accident happening to a person on the day of his birthday or on the birthday of one of his relatives. We have read it many times in the news: "he would have celebrated his birthday the day after - or a few days later” or even “he was returning from his birthday party”; also in this case it does not change anything: remember that the days closest to your birthday are the ones that “make the difference” compared to the rest of the year.

Bear in mind, still considering the matter of the days close to a birthday, that if within a family there are a number of birthdays that are close to each other, the astrological energies that are emitted when anniversary birthday arrives are increased, and thus there will be more events simultaneously (positive and negative, according to the positive aspect of the new birthday sky ) which affect the days of those birthdays in that family; in fact, what often happens (try this in this "game" as well) that in a family with more than two or three children, at least one of these was born in the days close to the birthday of his/her mother, or father, or brother, not to mention situations where husband and wife have their birthdays close to one another.

At this point it is necessary to clarify one thing: when we talk about the twenty days "before" and "after" a birthday we mean that twenty days "before" - even up to the day before the next birthday - refer, or rather fall under the "jurisdiction" of the birthday of the year before, which means it is not the new birthday putting things in motion, that "is released" twenty days in advance, not at all, they are simply events that happen in the days "before" the next birthday which still regard the effects of the BSR or RSR of the preceding birthday. Instead, twenty days "after" the birthday are those days that immediately follow the new birthday and they tell of the personal year of the subject that has just begun after the new Return of the Sun, which has just "returned" to the same position it occupied in our birth chart.

To summarise: leaving always puts in motion positive and proactive energies (there is an entire set of wonderful literature on journeys and their positive psychological effects of “renewal” on those who go on and return from a journey); in respect of the birthday of each one of us, it puts in motion its own energies, which are unique and very personal energies depending on whether or not we have been "caught" by a good birthday Sky.
With respect to the techniques of how to "target" this type of birthday and on what basis a choice should be made is something will we be discussing in another article dedicated to this subject. Instead, now focus your attention on considering how many days it is appropriate for you to remain in the place that you are getting ready to go to on your birthday.
It depends on the place.
Clearly if it is a place close to you, which you can comfortably reach by car or by train (in truth, this is quite rare) it will be sufficient for you to be in that place in the hour and in the exact minute in which your new birthday comes along and then you can even return shortly afterwards (half an hour, an hour, it’s up to you).
If, however, the place that you must reach is distant or you have to fly to get to Athens or Las Palmas (on the Canary Islands), well then this changes things, and quite a lot actually. You will have to prepare for a real journey, using a good and reliable agency: do not favour cheap trips but give absolute priority to ensuring that you reach the chosen place in time for your birthday; this is your only goal.

For how long do you need to stay in the location of your RSR?
What counts is the moment in which the photo of your new birthday Sky is taken, or rather the hour and the exact minute in which the Return of the Sun occurs. Except for certain professional categories (surgeons, politicians, entrepreneurs) who always have little time on their hands, everyone else can use their birthday as an “excuse”, and by organising themselves in advance, to plan a journey that can become something enjoyable and pleasant as well as – let’s say it again – to prove to be an excellent investment for the following twelve months.
Also remember that, if you love the sea but instead your destination is in the middle of Canada or in Alaska, this is not important since, remember this, you are not leaving for a holiday or tourist trip but for a precise reason: a relocated Solar Return (RSR) that guarantees you a year protected from "troubles"; therefore, so as not to stress the poor astrologer by asking for discounts (“isn’t there somewhere nearer so I can spend less?”) or places that seem more suited to your tastes, you have a different goal. And that’s all.

For some short advice on how to organise your trip, the type of luggage you should bring, the things you should remember and other little "tips", we refer you to a specific "article" in this section dedicated to Active Astrology called “a few indispensable devices and tips for before, during and after your journey for a Relocated Solar Return”.

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