Astrology for lovers

Talking about Love
In the mind of many persons a great confusion reigns besides between love and need. Too often it is thought that it's enough to look at the Venus in the natal chart to know what we look for in a relationship

The couple
In order to talk about a couple it's necessary to start from the assumption that when two persons live together, they should act as “two“ separate individuals and not only from a physical point of view, but especially, from a psychological point of view

Each woman hides a Venus
To rediscover this Venus side therefore means to give dignity back this goddess, means re-taking the pleasure of giving and receiving through one’s body

Venus and Moon
Here love is seen through the eyes of the Moon: it is therefore soft, romantic, clean, almost infantile, with a great need for tenderness and of sweetness

Venus and Sun
They both attract themselves, Venus for pleasure like and desire and the Sun for life, heat and brilliance

Venus and Mars
It is an adventurous love, which feeds on rushes, extraordinariness; nothing destroys it more than repetitiveness and routine, mediocrity and boredom

Venus and Mercury
This way of loving has much to do with the extroverted phase of adolescence, in which the most important thing is openness towards the world

Venus and Jupiter
Love in this case is the great promise and the great hope; it is the adventure that can take life and that we need for our growth

Venus and Saturn
Can you imagine how love can be seen through the eyes of Saturn? Visualise Saturn; high, a bit old, wise, with a beard, lean and bony: which type of love can it incarnate?

Venus and Uranus
Uranus loves today, tomorrow can wait: in any case it is a love that chooses each day whether or not to be there

Venus and Neptune
The frontiers of love are eroded by Neptune that will act in a idyllic way, always through the need for romance and dreaming, bringing together the Neptune need to immerse and getting lost to Venus need to be rewarded and liked

Venus and Pluto
It is a descent into hell that will pass through the most intense emotions, even if their preferential colouring will be black - grey. It is a journey into power

Astrology for lovers
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