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Universal numbers are those from 1 to 9, and also include the so-called master numbers 11, 22 and 33. The numbers that compose a person's name, surname and date of birth are added up and reduced to a universal number, except for the day of the date of birth. The meaning of universal numbers is given below.

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This number in all civilisations and religions has always been identified as a fundamental number, symbolising the man generated by the Sky and by the Earth.
In its positive aspects, it indicates the beginning of growth, creativity, curiosity, good communication, the expression and the development of energy, as well as giving spirituality and optimism.
The people characterised by number 3 have a juvenile energy that is born by combining the innovative strength of One and the intuition and magnetism of Two. They are cheerful and enthusiastic, friendly and sociable, attracted by the pleasures of life, by luxury and by amusement.
Amusing in an exceptional way, they manage to catalyze attention on them and of course they do not go unnoticed, even if at times they are judged as superficial people; it is through this need for much attention that they learn the art of conversation and of humour.
In the negative form, there are bad communicators and have pessimistic tendencies.

Summary of the person characterised by the number three:

Qualities: communicative, sociable, expressive, joyful, creative, versatile, confident, friendly, witty, optimistic, energetic.

It provides: enthusiasm, imagination, versatility.

Goals: to savour life, being persistent and full of enthusiasm, youthfulness and playfulness.

Challenges: tendency to exaggerate, an absence of precise conduct, incompleteness, excessive sensitivity to judgements, unwillingness.

Fears: fear of growing old, restrictions, monotony.

Career: teacher, trainer, writer, artist, educator, consultant.

Jupiter and Mercury are related to number 3 and the third house.
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