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Universal numbers are those from 1 to 9, and also include the so-called master numbers 11, 22 and 33. The numbers that compose a person's name, surname and date of birth are added up and reduced to a universal number, except for the day of the date of birth. The meaning of universal numbers is given below.

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The number 2 represents the beginning of duality, therefore: opposition, conflict, good and evil, male and female. Symbolically it represents the relationship. In fact, it communicates collaboration, propensity to relationships, union and sensitivity; often these individuals resort to meditation to defeat their innate inner anxiety.
It is the number of the relationship with another person and of sensitivity towards others.
The people characterised by the number 2 have an intimately female energy, able to receive, are magnetic, very intuitive and sensitive.
They are excellent collaborators, nevertheless in order for them to express their individuality they manage to live in harmony with those who surround them; besides they manage to be perfect companions even if they are often indecisive as they see the dual aspect in everything. In other words, in them, the force of the "law of contrast" exists.

Summary of the person characterised by the number two:

Qualities: comprehensive, polite, sensitive and disposable but also very fickle, sensual, prudent, shy, an ability to analyse, co-operative, fussy, lover of poetry, music and art.

It provides: fascination, charisma, lovingness, comprehension.

Goals: relationships, ownership of oneself, certainty.

Challenges: self-consciousness, fear, indecision, immeasurable consciousness.

Fears: of the unknown, of unforeseen changes, of staying single, of making a mistake.

Career: artist, craftsman, scholar of psychology, housewife/househusband, healer, surveyor, mediator.

Number 2 is associated with the Moon, the second and the seventh house.
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