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Universal numbers are those from 1 to 9, and also include the so-called master numbers 11, 22 and 33. The numbers that compose a person's name, surname and date of birth are added up and reduced to a universal number, except for the day of the date of birth. The meaning of universal numbers is given below.

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It symbolises the upright man, the only animal on Earth to enjoy this faculty. He is the one taking part in the work of creation.
Number one represents the beginning, or rather the beginning of the initiation and the impulse to live and to savour life; it is the number from which an idea takes origin, a life is born. It also represents independence, strength, energy and individualism. There is great ambition which unites with a profound ideal that leads to reach significant positions.
At psychic level, this number gives the ability to be assertive and express your own individuality.
The number one characterises all "leaders", those people who live in a mythical perspective and who behave with energy convinced of fighting for a just cause and able to bring positive changes for the whole of humanity.
In negative form, it is also the number that highlights selfishness and arrogance; these two defects can be common aspects in the first phases of the life of people characterised by the number one. In fact, in their youth they might have a tendency to live with little respect for others and for the environment that surrounds them.

Summary of the person characterised by the number one:

Qualities: autonomy, authenticity, originality, ability to be assertive, innovation, dynamism, loyalty, naturalness, determination.

It provides: independence, inventiveness, ingeniousness.

Goals: to express one’s own individuality, gain a prominent position..

Challenges: stubbornness, selfishness, egocentrism, ambition, sense of limitation, passion, instinct.

Fears: not being the centre of attention, not managing to express one’s own abilities.

Career: writer, promoter, manager, entrepreneur, artist.

Number 1 is connected to the Sun, the First house.
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