Horoscope 2021

1st decan   October 23 - November 2
2nd decan  November 3 - 12
3rd decan   November 13 - 22

by Paolo Crimaldi

A year is beginning for you when you will put a lot of resources into play and make sure to turn the various existential challenges that you will face into real opportunities for growth and change both on a psychological and strictly practical level.
In fact, the square of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will strengthen the opposition of Uranus in Taurus, which for some years has been pushing you to undertake changes, even radical ones, in your life.

The hardest time will go from mid-January to the end of February, when the sky will be particularly full of energies and you will go through experiences that can be particularly unusual for you.
You will probably have to face a sudden change that can affect any sphere of your li ...

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