Horoscope 2024

1st decan   October 23 - November 2
2nd decan  November 3 - 12
3rd decan   November 13 - 22

by Paolo Crimaldi

This 2024 will be a year of great changes and major stabilizations for you, an exit from the old to enter the new without any traumatic changes but only through a truly natural process of growth and maturation.
Uranus and Jupiter in opposition , the latter only until the end of May, lead to changing, moving, transforming everything that is static and that no longer serves your life but which, for one reason or another, you continue to be anchored by it. This is an attachment that will still offer some resistance in this first part of the year but which will then give way to a path clear of a past that is only an impediment to your transformation on both a practical and psychological-spiritual level.

You are in a period in which it is necessary to lay down new solid roots, as advised by Saturn in trine to Pisces , also listening to the strong intuition that comes from Neptune which is also in the same sign, especially in April and October when Mars will act as the true and own activator of the great potential that is present in you.
In other words, you will realize that you will slowly shed roles and responsibilities that no longer have any use for your life and you will begin to invest time, resources and energy in many other areas of life, first of all the professional sphere and then in the sentimental one , also in relation to what your priorities are.

Pluto for its part, in square Aquarius , will tend to give you a few more little obsessions, to develop some healthy paranoid traits which will help you to put yourself on your guard against those who will try to involve you in initiatives that are not necessary for you and which could actually distract you from the great work you will have to do during the year.
So it is very likely that some of you will find yourself having to, even abruptly, push away people who cannot understand the reason for your changed interests and needs and almost coercively want to make you give them up. Some harsh clashes, if not sensational ruptures, are to be taken into account especially if there are interests of social or economic prestige involved.

This is certainly the year in which not to launch yourself into investments and financial speculation, in which not to trust those who offer you easy paradises, because you could fall into some trap that can arise from a moment of greed or the search for power.

Changing is difficult for you, especially if it means giving up things you own even if you are no longer interested in them, because you often gain confidence in doing things from what surrounds you, which however in 2024 can be an obstacle to your success personal. Staying anchored to the past could cost more than having to abandon it, especially in terms of growth and investments for your future.

Professionally, the year allows you to obtain good results especially starting from June, but it is what you manage to do up until then that then acts as a driving force to see your work situation improve and become even more economical.

From 23 February to 10 March the trine of Mercury from Pisces enhances the synergistic action of Saturn and Neptune which you will feel for the entire year and will give you the opportunity to have real intuitions to make the best use of, also making the effort to get noticed, to put yourself in the spotlight for once and make yourself known in those parts of you that have so far remained in the shadows. You will probably be able to win over those who will be able to lead you along paths that are absolutely useful for your professional growth, leveraging your innate intuition and ability to uncover secret aspects of things that no longer seem to have any importance or usefulness. Never before will you transform yourself into real archaeologists capable of bringing to light talents that are absolutely necessary to carry out large-scale projects whose results will begin to be evident to everyone starting next summer.

From 17 June to 2 July, Mercury again in trine but from the sign of Cancer , should bring the first results of everything you have planned, started following and worked on in the first five months of the year. It is the moment of official recognition, of the first receipts of money, of the possibility of having your request accepted regarding a change of role, clearly for the better, or of finally being able to aspire to a role in which you can manage a power capable of further freeing you from others. All this can happen both in the strictly work and family spheres, especially if there are relatives who have so far relied on your ability to manage everything without trying to give even the slightest help.
Be careful, during much of the summer, not to burden yourself with too much work and not to take the collaboration of others for granted if you don't want to find yourself burdened with commitments that are difficult to manage and capable of creating a considerable amount of stress.

The passage of Mercury in your sign from October 13th to November 2nd will be particularly significant on a professional level because you will finally be able to obtain what you hoped for from the work done. These are also official recognitions, but also something inherited for past merits, a real tribute to your capacity for commitment and dedication to a project, provided of course that you have previously worked in this direction. It is also a period to cash in and claim what has been owed to you for a long time, as well as to resolve, once and for all, some administrative, legal or hereditary concerns.

The emotional sphere reserves many beautiful moments and more than a few twists, which cannot fail to intrigue you and push you to live romantic relationships with passion and a healthy dose of obsessiveness.
You want to be transported to a more passionate dimension, even a little twisted and in the shadows, but still able to rekindle emotions that you have no longer been able to feel in a clear and overwhelming way as could happen in 2024.

From March 11th to April 5th, Venus trine Pisces , also supported by Mars , can give you moments of great emotional tension, passion and overwhelming which can also make you take more than a few risks, if you already have a relationship, and you seek them beyond out of it. You will strongly feel the need to be overwhelmed by a different way of being as a couple, seeking emotions that can even destabilize at times and which at the same time ignite even the simplest and most banal action with eros. In short, a moment in which you will be particularly excitable and ready to get deeply involved both with your usual partner and with a new person.

The trine of Venus from Cancer from 17 June to 11 July brings into your life a breath of romance and the desire to love and be loved, even in a poignant way, but never banal or predictable. There is precisely the need to let your body speak through emotions, you will want to experience passions that put you in contact with a part of you that you rarely bring to light and allow those around you to get to know each other. It is the time to decide whether or not you want to consolidate a relationship that has already been present in your daily life for some time, or if you are single the choice could be between wanting to continue to be alone or letting yourself go into a relationship in which you can involve yourself and commit yourself to beyond passion.
It could be an excellent time to get married or start a cohabitation, while it is preferable to avoid breakups and temporary estrangements because they could be irreversible in which case you should then think again at the beginning of August.

Your love season runs from September 23rd to October 17th, which is when Venus will transit your sign. Meetings, the departure of new loves, the stabilization of those already present are highly favoured. It is a period in which you will realize that you can get what you want also thanks to the trine of Mars from the sign of Cancer which gives you great physical energy and the determination not to give up at the first obstacle, helping you to put aside that susceptibility that in some cases it is your worst enemy, especially in the emotional field .
You will not lack the audacity and courage to dare where in other moments you would not have even imagined being able to think of it and success will be easy to achieve because you will be truly full of an irresistible charm that you can only show off when you are perfectly centered on yourself .

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