Horoscope 2024

1st decan   August 24 - September 2
2nd decan  September 3 - 12
3rd decan   September 13 - 22

by Paolo Crimaldi

This 2024 will be a year for you in which you must put aside all ambiguity, perplexity, uncertainty regarding your future and begin to proceed in a clear and determined way, exposing yourself personally and no longer waiting to be recognized by others for merits and you haven't been able to do anything else so far.
In other words you have to abandon the role of someone who doesn't want to expose themselves, instead starting to take on responsibilities in a clear way, putting all your creative strength and the ability to organize planning in the best possible way in order to reach the set objective without wasting time and resources.

Saturn 's opposition from Pisces will teach you to be more careful and centered and above all ready to take on those responsibilities that serve to give greater structure to your finances, but also to life more generally.

The first part of the year, thanks to the trine of Jupiter from Taurus , will certainly be more fruitful on an economic level and in interpersonal relationships, so much so that you will significantly expand your range of action even in spaces or sectors that you would never even have dared to cross for a few seconds.
The opportunities that present themselves will make it almost impossible for you to choose anything other than that particular thing, unless a masochistic mechanism operates within you that wants to lead you down the path of failure and mediocrity. Of course, nothing will be given to you as Saturn in opposition teaches, but what you will achieve will not be due to a simple stroke of luck but will give you the opportunity to build, step by step, a new way of being and working that will continue to continue. to give positive results for the entire year and also in those to come.

The second part of 2024 will instead be a little less full of recognition, especially on an economic level, although to tell the truth it could be a moment in which to throw in the oars and start finalizing each of your initiatives in a clear way and centered without wasting resources and energy on things that have no value for you other than maintaining control, often false and fictitious, over things and people that no longer interest you.
In other words, the second part of the year requires you to pay more attention to projects in which you are personally responsible without delegating your responsibilities to anyone, and at the same time you will have to be far-sighted in understanding what needs to be given up given that in the future you won't get any use out of it.

This way of thinking should also partly concern the sphere of friendships and acquaintances which in some cases have probably become a ballast that prevents you from doing what you really want and which above all no longer give any stimulus to your life.
In this new year you will realize the cuts you will make towards many situations and people because you need to make the most of your energy and time given that the objectives you are going to set will be ambitious and not simple to achieve.

Mercury in trine Capricorn from 14 January to 5 February will give you the concreteness and determination you need to clearly define the objective to be achieved in the medium term and could also create the opportunity to become part of a team of a job in which you will be particularly appreciated and immediately placed in a role which, although of great responsibility, and most likely never held, will still give you the opportunity to carry out real professional growth in which you will achieve very respectable results. It is also the time to face important job interviews or to think seriously about applying for a new job or to best face a competition that could give you the job that you feel is most yours at this stage of life.

From May 15th to June 3rd Mercury will be in trine again but from the sign of Taurus , in the company of Uranus and Jupiter (even if the latter only until May 26th), a sky which certainly represents another great opportunity to give a great turning point in your professional life, to obtain positions of a certain level, to access positions that can certainly be defined as highly prestigious in your eyes. Have the courage to dare and think big and don't be impressed by the potential amount of work and responsibilities that could await you because you have strong shoulders to support them all.

Mercury will enter your sign twice, from 25 July to 15 August and from 9 to 26 September. This is a period in which it is necessary to take stock, cut out the superfluous, reset everything that clutters your space. The time has come to be "healthily Virgo " and plan with millimetric precision everything you have to or want to do in this second part of the year without expecting immediate recognition, prodigious earnings and everything else that was easy to obtain in the first part of the year. 'year. Now you will have to work to plan a future that will see its maximum splendor in the years to come and will gain importance and success in small steps, thus consolidating professional or social positions of particular depth and concreteness.

Love will also make its need for concreteness felt already at the beginning of the year and more precisely from January 23rd to February 16th, or from when you will feel the trine of Venus from the sign of Capricorn . You will realize that you want to bring greater stability to an already existing relationship perhaps through actions that materialize needs that have not been met until now, but it can also be the ideal time to set the date for a wedding or to start a cohabitation. That is, everything that gives the ménage its own solidity. While those who are single could make acquaintances that can transform from simple encounters into real stories that are also destined to last over time and which will certainly bring greater emotional stability especially in a moment like this in which you cannot allow yourself many distractions if you also want professional fulfillment .

From May 15th to June 3rd, Venus will be in trine to Taurus and even in this position it will continue to help you lay down solid roots in matters of feelings and relationships. If you haven't managed to achieve anything satisfactory so far, this is the second opportunity during the year that fate has given you and you shouldn't let it slip away. Meeting people who may initially appear not entirely fascinating and interesting must not mislead you because it could only be your initial defense in front of a person who could instead positively change your life by bringing the pleasantness of a stability that is never banal and predictable. However, if you are a couple, enjoy this moment to do something that can bring out the feeling of belonging to the other without feeling weak or in the minority.

Your season of love runs from August 5th to August 29th, when Venus will be in your sign, giving you a summer full of meetings, adventures and flirtations which however can seriously jeopardize the official relationship if you are clearly not single . If, however, you are free, the summer promises to be full of emotions and the possibility of dragging yourself from one flirtation to another will be more than a simple option. However, there will be little space for serious stories and all in all you won't even be particularly interested in them.

The return of Venus to Capricorn from November 11th to December 7th will instead bring the possibility of returning to wanting something serious and structured and many of you could find yourself busy searching for those who can give you security and emotional stability. All this will also have to be sought by those who are already in a relationship, starting to plan a future with some more possibilities of being even more of a couple and consolidating the path taken so far, perhaps with a legal consecration or with the purchase of something shared such as a house or a business or simply in taking care of some relative which will lead to feeling even more like family.

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