Horoscope 2024

1st decan   November 23 - December 2
2nd decan  December 3 - 11
3rd decan   December 12 - 21

by Paolo Crimaldi

In 2024 you will have to give a great proof of reliability and depth as perhaps you have never been asked if you really want to carry out a project, reach a goal that you particularly care about.
The square of Saturn from Pisces , and from the end of May the opposition of Jupiter from Gemini , will continually put you before situations that you will have to face in a mature and responsible way, paying attention to details, without delegating any burdens or resolutions to others, in other words if you want to be successful everything will have to rest on your shoulders, putting commitment and dedication in the foreground, avoiding frivolities as much as possible and above all aware of not being able to count on a sudden stroke of luck.
It therefore seems that things should go badly but this is not the case at all, in fact you will realize that by taking on responsibilities yourself and controlling the smallest details, you will get the chance to enjoy greater successes, concrete and not random, especially if you are truly willing to change their way of thinking and acting by growing in terms of awareness and psychological structuring.

In this new year you will partly lose the optimism that often characterizes you in many situations to acquire greater awareness of the work to be done, thus discovering remarkable potential within you that otherwise you would never have had the opportunity to bring out and make the best use of in both professional and relational contexts.
Moreover, the trine of Chiron from Aries , also accompanied by that of the North lunar Node, has already been teaching you for some years to rely more and more on your inner resources, to discover those talents that you have probably never really appreciated because there is no it was necessary or simply because you settled too much on events, more or less auspicious, which did not give you the opportunity to look for resources within yourself.

In this new year, fate will probably be less benevolent in giving you comfortable situations for free but at the same time you will have the opportunity to see the awareness of being able to count on your qualities grow, on that set of possibilities that will help you develop an awareness different in relation to the value you possess in living and facing existential challenges without necessarily having to resort to external help or in believing that you have only found yourself in a fortuitous, yet unpredictable, fortunate situation.

In this period you will learn to be more careful and thoughtful, more attentive to what is in your possession, learning to use it best and in a sensible and strategic way in order to obtain tangible but above all long-lasting results. You will show greater inner strength but also a foresight that could surprise those around you quite a bit, so much so that you could even be offered tasks, roles or anything else that requires a certain authority and responsibility that goes well beyond your usual scope of action.

After all, the year begins with Mercury , in the company of Mars , in your sign until January 14th, which should give you the opportunity to let those close to you know what expectations you have regarding your work , to the things you want to accomplish in your life in this new year, but also to bring to light a new vision of yourself that you wish to make known over the coming months. Among other things, with the help of Chiron and the North lunar Node you will be able to easily communicate emotions, sensations and ideas that in other moments might have appeared inconclusive or devoid of substance. Excellent time to look around if you are looking for a new job because any selection interviews could go very well.

Between March 10th and May 15th, Mercury in trine from Aries will give you the right impetus and energy to make known what you have developed in these first months of the year and to which you want to put your face without sharing with none the eventual success. You will be strongly determined, at times even a little harsh and unfriendly, but you will do everything not to be sidelined or see what you are going to propose belittled and it is very likely that you will also be able to assert yourself where the initial difficulties seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. It is a moment in which concentration must be at its maximum and focus on the objective must not be distracted by other things if you really want to bring a radical and concrete change to your profession or in the social sphere, thus acquiring visibility, a role that is difficult it may be taken away or diminished. The days of May are the most important given that Mars which has also entered Aries will give you that vital and direct energy that will help you achieve your goal.
It goes without saying that you will encounter some tension with those around you and you could lose popularity, which should not worry you too much, especially if the goal you are aiming for is an improvement in your lifestyle and can bring advantages that will allow you to consolidate finances.

A further moment in which you can give light and weight to your ideas, to implement an important turning point in your work, to make yourself known and appreciated in your work as well as in your ability to build relationships and create connections between people is the one that goes from 2 to July 25th and from August 15th to September 9th, which is when Mercury in Leo will give you the opportunity to feel confident in yourself.
This summer you will be able to create a solid network of interpersonal relationships that will benefit you in the months to come, but also in the next year, but it is good to know right away that it will involve more than a few sacrifices and renunciations in the sense that you will not be able to back out once once you make a commitment, or be floating in your presence. It will be a real job whose fruits, however, will not be lacking and above all it will not be absolutely as tiring as it might initially seem.

The year ends again with Mercury in your sign. From November 2nd you will be able to count on a pleasant synergy of ideas and action, of the desire to create and achieve at the same time, which should allow you to be able not only to conclude old projects but also to start new ones. Putting yourself forward for new roles will certainly be an interesting challenge that you could overcome in a big way, especially if you are ready to take on new responsibilities and take control of things that you generally preferred to delegate to others.
Everything you will achieve in this 2024 cannot ignore a renunciation or a sacrifice, but will remain a real certainty, which will bear fruit for a long time. The more you give, the more you will get.

Start the year in the midst of your season of love which will last until January 23rd thanks to the presence of Venus in your sign. You will probably be particularly motivated to get involved in new relational dynamics, stimulated until the 14th by Mars , which is also in your sign, and a mixture of passion and romance can also direct you towards unconventional choices regardless of whether you are already in a couple or alone. . However, it is a moment in which acquaintances can be different and all potentially open to possible long-lasting relationships, which certainly will not make it easier for you to make a simple and immediate choice.

From 5 to 29 April Venus in trine Aries will ignite you with passion and will try to direct you towards conquests and adventures that have the flavor of a pleasant transgression but which can seriously jeopardize a long-standing relationship because they can destabilize it independently whether they can be experienced inside or outside. It is certainly easier for singles, in these days of full spring, to be able to experience a notable level of emotional excitement and also push themselves to experience very unconventional encounters even if not necessarily aimed at a potential duration.

Equally passionate summer thanks again to a Venus in trine to Leo from 11 July to 5 August. It's the time to expose yourself, to take a position within an already existing story, to make important choices regarding your love life. For those of you who are looking for a story that is not a simple summer adventure, this is the right time to do it and you will find that you are often at the center of the scene, able to be seen not only for how you appear but also for what who you are and who you can give in a love story.

And as a further gift of this 2024 you will experience a second season of love in the same year which will run from 17 October to 11 November when Venus returns to your sign again.
It will be another opportunity to experience the possibility of building a different way of being together with your usual partner, finding harmony and a new complicity, even on a sexual level, as well as seeing a love story begin, perhaps even with a person who does not live in your city or comes from a different context than the one you are used to, in which you can find the desire to share and experiment together with many new things that will arise not only by the end of this year but also in the next.

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