Horoscope 2022

1st decan   November 23 - December 2
2nd decan  December 3 - 11
3rd decan   December 12 - 21

by Paolo Crimaldi

In 2022, the keyword for you will be "definition".
Whatever you are going to do must be defined in detail, planned and implemented accurately if you want to be successful.
Hesitation and good-naturedly shallow attitudes are not allowed, and optimism will always have to be well supported by tangible, concrete events on which you can base your plans. You will be asked on several occasions to put great ideals and impracticable, adolescent projects aside and to focus on tangible things that are within your reach and can give you the opportunity to advance in both your career and social life, thus helping you to fix the declining trend you have experienced in recent years.

Saturn will be there to help you in this work, giving yo ...

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