Horoscope 2024

1st decan   February 20 - March 1
2nd decan  March 2 - 10
3rd decan   March 11 - 20

by Paolo Crimaldi

The presence of Saturn and Neptune in your sign generates a real conflict between reason and intuition, between the level of rationality and the metaphysical one, between the need for material certainties and the aspiration for a spiritual path. A real mass of sensations that are difficult to dominate because each of them demands to be listened to, welcomed and realized, often putting you in a real babel of ideas that can even make you lose in some moments the direction you wanted to take and/or travel. in this year.
However, this is a particularly creative moment because you can give substance to intuitions and therefore practically materialize what generally in your life remains only on the level of possibility, potential and almost never concrete.

In this work you will also be helped by Uranus in sextile from the sign of Taurus which will facilitate changes and will support Neptunian creativity without making you disperse, fully embracing the Saturnian lesson. Jupiter also in Taurus until the end of May will allow you in the first part of the year to find help and support more easily, while in the second part, being square by Gemini , it will lead you to be more careful and careful in what you do. to do, also trying not to let yourself take off beyond what your real possibilities are, a sensation that you will initially feel as annoying, a real limit to your freedom and creativity, but which as the weeks go by you will instead learn to appreciate because it will it is clear that it has prevented you from getting involved in projects that are out of your reach or absolutely far from what your real interests are at the moment.

In this new year you will realize that many things will finally fall into place, you will find a way to make yourself heard by those who until now seemed deaf to your every request or even skeptical about your chances of success. Slowly the energy and the right opportunities will be created around you to show the value of your ideas, the reliability, even in practical terms, of your person, but even more, it will be easier for you to access all those situations that are in perfect harmony with your current growth plan on both a strictly practical and spiritual level.
So some of you, if you are more oriented towards professional success, will finally have the opportunity to take the right path and see your skills and merits recognised, and also start to quantify earnings and top positions to reach; while if your interest is of a more spiritual nature it is likely that meeting new people can lead you to discover a path of personal growth that will fulfill those profound needs of connection with oneself and with the surrounding world.
For those who want this could be an excellent year to start work on their person which can be both psychological and esoteric, always depending on their needs and sensitivity.

From 23 February to 10 March Mercury in your sign significantly strengthens what was previously said and also puts you in a position to dare in something very important for your personal fulfillment which can primarily concern the professional level. In fact, it is very likely that you will find yourself faced with an important choice to make regarding a project, a new role that may be offered to you and which for various reasons forces you to make an almost immediate decision. Let yourself be guided mainly by intuition but if you have doubts regarding strictly practical things, do not hesitate to ask for information, advice, even legal reassurances from those who can really help you avoid making a choice that is not suited to your needs or simply to what you had imagined without however considering its concreteness.

From 17 June to 2 July the trine of Mercury from the sign of Cancer , well supported by the sextile of Uranus and Mars from the sign of Taurus , leads you to see a project really materialize or the opportunity to change roles could arise professional, perhaps only within the place where you already work, or even a change of location which could on the one hand galvanize you and make you feel considered once again and at the center of a creative process appreciated even by those who know you little, but at the same time you may feel a sort of emotional tension in abandoning a place in which you feel more or less safe or in any case capable of managing various situations.
Don't be afraid of change and open yourself up to the new because it's the time to make a profound change to your existence starting from the professional level and then moving on to the economic one. Which could materialize quite generously in the period in which Mercury transits the sign of Scorpio , i.e. from October 13th to November 2nd.
This is the period in which you can cash in, although perhaps there won't even be a need, given that you will realize that everything you are entitled to will arrive with a certain naturalness. You will probably also be able to close old administrative issues, resolve problems with a property, and settle an inheritance once and for all. Objectively, it is the moment that will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief and look to the future with greater serenity and constructiveness.

Your season of love runs from March 11th to April 5th and allows you to have truly intense encounters, especially starting from the 22nd when Mars will also reach your sign by meeting Venus . The embrace of romance with passion and considering the whole sky of the moment you will have really excellent possibilities to have destiny encounters capable of changing your life, or being able to find in the existing relationship that something that will make it interesting and capable of absorbing again completely your emotions and the erotic need which never before will be particularly pressing and requiring listening in this period. Let your heart speak and don't close yourself off to those who want to enter your life even if initially it may seem rather intrusive and overwhelming. Sometimes you also have to take some risks, especially if you come from a long phase of emotional stasis and/or have adapted to an affectivity that is far from your deepest needs.

The trine of Venus from the sign of Cancer from 17 June to 11 July, passionately supported once again by Mars in sextile from Taurus , leads you to change many things in your usual way of relating and loving, pushing you towards greater passion and a desire to create a stable and deep relationship if anything you have found yourself alone recently or for some time, perhaps skipping the wonderful opportunity of the month of March. The meetings made in this period are destined to last over time, just as the choices made within an already existing relationship aim, in a far-sighted way, at an increasingly stable and harmonious future as a couple, especially if you have the desire to plan something that is not only practical but also romantic in nature.

Finally, the passage of Venus in Scorpio from 23 September to 17 October will bring you another period of emotional fervor where it will also be possible to resume the plots of old never forgotten loves and see them flourish again, or finally be able to close ties, or even just simple memories, which prevented us from being able to experience new love stories. It is a moment of great emotional awareness and you will hardly retrace your steps if you make a decision, even and above all one that breaks the expectations of those around you (friends, family).
Make sure that your emotional needs are respected even if those around you may appear unwelcome to others.

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