Horoscope 2024

1st decan   September 23 - October 3
2nd decan  October 04 - 13
3rd decan   October 14 - 22

by Paolo Crimaldi

In this new year there will be quite a few things to consolidate, to put in place, to define once and for all.
You will increasingly feel the need to clarify everything that is still confusing in your life and in some cases you will feel a real intolerance towards those who would still like you as in the past, that is, always accommodating, ready to dialogue and guided by a diplomatic, never sharp-edged behavior.

But the presence of Pluto in Aquarius pushes you in small steps to take increasingly clear spaces of power, in which you can freely manage your affairs, both professional and heartfelt, without allowing external interference to push you towards choices that are not in your attunement to your true needs, desires and requirements. In fact, in 2024 you will feel the need to be the absolute protagonists of your life more and more pressing, also accepting the risk of making mistakes, of pushing away people who seemed to be fixed points in your life. In reality you will realize, as the months pass, that nothing is indispensable and the only true responsible for your existence can only be yourself, which probably, thanks to the passage of the South lunar Node in your sign, will also lead you to make a analysis of the past, of the legacies that you carry on your shoulders and that perhaps the time has come, at least for some of them, to abandon, thus recovering space and energy to let in new projects, but above all people who will be able to freely accompany you on the new path that you have decided to undertake.

We must also not forget that from the end of May Jupiter will form a trine to your sign, which will certainly bring greater lightness and optimism, a less worried vision of the future and the desire not to let yourself be blocked by anything or anyone, thus carrying forward projects which in this second part of the year will certainly be successful and highly rewarding both on a personal and more strictly financial level.

You will certainly not lack the will, in fact it will be a faithful companion for the entire year, helping you not to give up when some external pressure, especially from March 10th to May 15th, could make you give up on what you are creating, perhaps due to unforeseen circumstances and misunderstandings with those around you, even if not necessarily personally involved. Know how to maintain a healthy detachment, use your ability to mediate, but above all not to give in to unacceptable compromises for the sole fear of being wrong because it could only be a moment in which making a small revision of everything will give you the opportunity to be even more concrete and sure of what is in your hands.

Clearly the projects can concern both the emotional and the professional sphere, but they can also manifest themselves more in the social and existential one, perhaps leading to new acquaintances, the birth of new interests, pushing you into paths that can diverge, even considerably, from those usually chosen. Don't be afraid to face the future, even at times alone, because it is a true initiation rite for your psychological and spiritual growth.

From 5 to 23 February the trine of Mercury from Aquarius , supported from the 13th also by Mars , makes you a hotbed of ideas with great practical energy which gives you the opportunity to immediately put into practice what you thought, or at least it will give you the opportunity to find the right people with whom to share your project and see it get started. However, it is also a moment in which to make new friends, to start frequenting new environments which will clearly give you the opportunity to experiment with a different way of experiencing things, an opening to a new existential dimension which you absolutely need, especially if you are willing to put yourself at play in roles and tasks different from the past and to give your life a more personal and less anonymous imprint.

From 3 to 17 June the brief transit of Mercury in Gemini will allow you to clarify both with yourself and with other people regarding doubts and insecurities that may accompany the new path you have given to your life. Know how to be light-hearted, avoid getting involved in bizarre analyzes and favor the freshness of an ironic comment over the verbosity of an interpretation which, however precise, distances you from the essence that you are trying to make yours and carry forward. On a strictly professional level, it could be a moment in which to put new strategies into play and also manage to bring to your side those who are known to not have great interest and/or esteem towards you.

Between September 26th and October 13th Mercury will pass through your sign, marking a particularly significant transition for your social and professional life. Strengthened by the support of Jupiter it will be possible for you to reach the desired goal regarding something you started at the beginning of the year, just as a change of professional position or location could be welcome, which you probably no longer thought possible for you.

Your emotional life in this new year will be particularly lively, especially if you intend to get involved in new relational ways, also experimenting with a different way of loving and being together with those you love or simply meet for a fleeting adventure.

From 16 February to 11 March Venus in trine from Aquarius , excellently supported by Mars , will give you the opportunity to experience a completely new dimension of life as a couple, finding aspects in your partner that perhaps you had never taken the time to to observe and know. For many of you already in a couple it could really be a new emotional spring even if with the person who has been by your side for a long time, which will probably galvanize you to the point of even pushing you to take a risk on some particularly demanding promises. While for singles this is a time to have very interesting encounters especially in areas different from the usual ones, to have relational experiences that are different from the past and to also allow themselves to experience a good dose of transgressions in any encounters that they will have. Don't shy away from something new because it could pleasantly surprise you.

From 23 May to 17 June the trine , again from Venus but from Gemini , will bring a breath of fresh air into your relationship life, offering you the opportunity to clarify misunderstandings with your partner, to make new acquaintances even in the professional field, or thanks to your work, which could also turn into beautiful stories. It is a special moment because you will feel that you are well prepared with those who enter your emotional sphere and you will do everything to experience the universe of feelings in the most playful and simple way possible.

Your season of love will begin on August 29th and end on September 23rd. Period in which to think concretely about a stable, concrete relationship that is not just aimed at the momentary pleasure of sharing a small piece of life.
For some of you it could be a good time to start living together or getting married, just as for those who are looking for a soul mate there could be an opportunity to meet them and seriously start a long life project together.

Finally the year ends with Venus again in the sign of Aquarius starting from December 7th. Give yourself the opportunity to bring something new into the relationship you are already experiencing and abandon even slightly obsessive and stereotyped thoughts regarding your partner, trying to get involved in a new dimension of being together and experiencing feelings in an unusual and more the daily newspaper in general. For singles, however, it could be a particularly favorable period for understanding what you really want from love, perhaps reflecting between choosing the emotional dimension of freedom or that of a structured relationship. One is not better than the other, it's simply a matter of understanding what is most in tune with this moment in your life.

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