Horoscope 2021

1st decan   September 23 - October 3
2nd decan  October 04 - 13
3rd decan   October 14 - 22

by Paolo Crimaldi

You will finally come out of objectively heavy years that have severely tested your proverbial balance and the great mediation skills that almost always distinguish you.
In 2021 you will have both Saturn and Jupiter on your side, both in trine from Aquarius, and quite often Mercury will be your ally throughout the year thanks to its long transits through the air signs like yours. So, we can certainly say that this is the year of recovery, when you will finally regain the strength and enthusiasm to be the undisputed star of your life, to reconnect with new people, and keep those people out of your life, with some rare exceptions, with whom you have cut ties or who disappeared, especially last year.

But it is also the time to ful ...

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