Horoscope 2024

1st decan   May 21 - 31
2nd decan  June 01 - 10
3rd decan   June 11 - 21

by Paolo Crimaldi

The year appears extremely dynamic and full of new possibilities in terms of friendships, professionalism and social life more generally, thus greatly broadening your horizons even where you had never explored or shown interest until now.
New people begin to gravitate around you, sometimes even a little strange, but certainly capable of sparking new interests in you and thus pushing you to experiment with situations different from the past on which you had settled too much, betraying your deepest and most vital nature.

Especially starting from the end of May, and more precisely from the 26th, i.e. from when Jupiter enters your sign, you will feel this strong push to open up to new dimensions, to get involved in areas that will prove to be particularly creative for you and will give you the opportunity to discover new talents that you didn't think you possessed or simple skills that will pave the way for quite important changes, especially if you are willing to start from scratch.

In fact, 2024 can also be considered a year of great beginnings, of everything that is necessary to give a new structure to one's social life, to put resources and opportunities into field so that you can see the start of twelve-yearly projects that could be a harbinger of profound change also on an internal level.

In fact, the social will be strongly connected with the personal and on several occasions you will find yourself being the first to be surprised by the change of direction and thought that you have brought into your life, so much so that you end up being accused of being unreliable, what ever in this new year absolutely false. In fact, the changes will not be strategic or linked to a passing whim as may have happened in the past, but will be profound and structural, never taken lightly and above all meditated on for a long time.

Saturn square Pisces puts you before real existential aut-auts and will not allow you to make ambiguous choices, the in-or-out policy will be the winner without any hesitation.
You will learn to be more determined and perhaps even tougher, less accommodating, but at the same time you will demonstrate that you know how to take on responsibilities even of a certain magnitude which will not always be a simple walk or in any case something that is an end in itself. So think carefully before accepting any opportunity for change and responsibility and do not take anything for granted and even less do you hope to count on great help from others because much of the work will be on your shoulders alone but the benefits it will bring will be notable and long-lasting time.

The first opportunity to look positively at this new year will be given to you by the trine of Mercury from the sign of Aquarius , which from 5 to 23 February will favor you in making new acquaintances, in introducing you into new social and professional environments where you can make yourself known in a new way and above all in a light that is favorable to you. However, it is not yet the time for realizations, but only for self-promotion.

Between March 10th and May 15th, Mercury will continuously stimulate you towards action, making you create spaces and situations in which you can work concretely on what has been planned and seen by others in the past. It's time to ask, to initiate, to push those around you to support you and don't be afraid to burden yourself with excessive burdens and responsibilities because the stars at this moment in your life are very strong.

You will negotiate, or simply obtain the first significant results, with Mercury 's passage through your sign from June 3rd to 17th. A few days to put down on paper the path that you will develop and carry forward in this second part of the year. June 4th could be a particularly good day for signing important contracts or getting a project you care about off the ground.

From 26 September to 13 October you can once again count on Mercury 's help by defining, if there is still a need, what was started in June, or even simply to ask for a change of job, location and/or company.

The emotional sphere will also be quite dynamic and with the possibility of being able to see some situations change that no longer seem to be suited to your new and real emotional needs.
Many of you will find yourself faced with the difficult situation of having to make a radical choice, to clarify what your real intentions are, which is certainly not simple but absolutely necessary to give a profound and positive change to your affectivity.

From 16 February to 11 March the trine of Venus from Aquarius , well supported by Mars , should give you the opportunity to have really interesting and unusual encounters, with people who can make you feel new emotions, strange in some ways, but absolutely capable of igniting your curiosity and pushing you to get involved in a new story regardless of whether you are single or already in a couple. This is a transit that will ignite you with passion, clearly also with your usual partner, and the possibility of experimenting with new emotional and passionate perspectives together precisely in being as a couple cannot be ruled out, where the conditions exist.

Your season of love runs from May 23rd to June 17th, and especially in May there could be particularly passionate and tumultuous encounters that will put you in the mood of those who want to experience love in a different way, to get out of the routine of relationships that ensure stability to dive headlong into others that make challenge and competition an instrument of emotional tension and great fascination.

For those who are in a couple, more or less in balance, this passage of Venus can coincide with the return to communicating with the partner, seeking new paths in being together, but above all also letting yourself be guided by a different way of living the relationship, especially if long-lasting.

From August 29th to September 23rd, the trine of Venus from Libra helps those of you in a couple to resolve more than a few problems within themselves and to rediscover harmony and well-being in being with those who have been close to you for a long time. While for singles, or for those who feel like one, there can be excellent meeting opportunities thanks to the help of those who can sponsor you and introduce you to your new qualities.

The year ends again with Venus in Aquarius , which can make you particularly happy because it offers you other new opportunities for meeting and experimenting with different, and not usual, relational dynamics. It will be thanks to the help and guidance of a friend or colleague that you will be able to find someone who can accompany you at the end of the year in the best way, perhaps alongside someone who could really profoundly change your life not only on an emotional level but also practical, perhaps pushing you into particularly innovative projects or simply to almost radically change your usual frequent visits.

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