Horoscope 2024

1st decan   December 22 - 31
2nd decan  January 1 - 10
3rd decan   January 11 - 20

by Paolo Crimaldi

Finally you are able to see the fruit of all the hard work done in the past years and with Pluto having left your sign you can breathe a sigh of relief and feel more relieved of responsibilities that you probably had more for a sense of control and power over the environment in which you act other than out of a true emotional need.
You will feel that slowly many loads, small and large, give way to greater practical lightness, which will allow you to enjoy privileges, advantages and anything else that will come to you as a result of all the work done previously.

You will probably develop greater resistance to the obligations imposed or taken for granted and real stances cannot be ruled out towards those who continue not to want to recognize a new existential dimension in you. It is possible that in the context of family relationships or in the professional sphere your greater ease in dealing with things can generate tensions and even attacks which you will be able to put a stop to and manage in the best way and it will not be difficult for you to also make cuts with who just doesn't want to accept your new way of being.

This reconquest of the freedom of being able to decide in almost complete autonomy about one's life will give you the opportunity to experience many new opportunities for meeting, both on a work and social level, considerably broadening your sphere of action but also contributing significantly to stabilize some positions that you have achieved in the past year.

In other words, thanks to the sextile of Saturn from the sign of Taurus , and of Uranus and Jupiter (the latter only until May 26th) from Taurus , you will materially materialize everything that is in your possession and this cannot be excluded , precisely in this first part of the year, the possibility of seeing the dream of a promotion or a job change come true in the sector you care about most.
But this same sky is also the solution to problems of a financial, administrative and hereditary nature which had troubled you quite a bit in recent years and which had always made you proceed with the handbrake on, cautious and extremely attentive to every little detail.

2024 is a year in which you can say goodbye to that underlying anxiety that in the past prevented you from enjoying life even in its simplest things, making you extremely responsible even for things that were probably not of direct relevance to you.

From January 14th to February 5th, Mercury in your sign, in the company of Mars , will give you the opportunity to land the first blows that will lead you to freedom from responsibilities and obligations and will make you act immediately, and perhaps even a little wisdom, to be able to make room for new projects, to finally put yourself in the foreground and make it clear who you are and how much you are worth. It is the right period to send CVs, to have job interviews, to take exams, to start a new course of study, in short, everything that can give the first concrete and usable results in a short time.

The moment to understand if the choices made at the beginning of the year were the right ones comes with the entry of Mercury into the sign of Taurus on May 15th and will remain there until June 3rd. Use these few weeks to take stock, to clarify roles and skills, but above all to quantify what you are entitled to and take it without too many compliments because it will not be a gift but the simple result of the considerable amount of work to which you have subjected yourself. only in this 2024 but for some time already. For those of you who are interested in starting a new business, a well-structured project or anything similar, you can certainly count on this period but unfortunately you will have to deal with those who will not take kindly to these initiatives of yours and could create more of some initial tension, but to be honest nothing that you won't be able to manage and resolve. This is the moment in which solid foundations must be laid in relation to what you possess, without however involving anyone, at least at the moment, in this possible new path of yours.

From July 25th to August 15th, and again from September 9th to 26th, Mercury will always form a trine from Virgo , which will bring order and the desire to define many things that have not yet found their definitive place. Also take advantage of this period, especially the September one to close any bureaucratic problems or to put an end to collaborations that you have now realized are no longer profitable for you. Also in this case a clear, surgical closure will be the best solution to avoid any second thoughts during the work or the emergence of any sense of guilt.

To end the year in style, Mercury will always take care of it, which from the sign of Scorpio from 13 October to 2 November will allow you to better manage the entire work done during this 2024, already planning for the next one, but also to strategically define your position within the professional field to the point of becoming absolutely indispensable and almost the only point of reference.

In love, the year promises to be equally profitable, especially if you have decided to field a new relational strategy, if you are looking for greater autonomy and freedom in relationships and above all if you want to start experimenting with a new way of relating, which will require some initial effort but which will certainly give you satisfaction and great emotions over the course of the year.

Your season of love will run from January 23rd to February 16th, a particularly useful period for defining long-standing relationships, for understanding the value of those that have just begun or for deciding to be alone. Every choice you make will certainly be the right one for you in this particular moment of your life and will give you the opportunity to finally feel at ease in the universe of interpersonal relationships.
You will be direct, sometimes even excessively, and you will not hide behind a diplomatic attitude or concern for the general well-being of others, but rather you will mainly put yourself and your emotional needs in the foreground regardless of the price to be paid. Clearly there will be no shortage of satisfaction, just as you will realize that you can finally experience an old or new love story with absolute pleasure.

From 29 April to 23 May Venus will be in trine to the sign of Taurus and will coincide with a moment of particular relational pleasantness, a mixture of romance, sensuality and certainty of being able to please, a feeling of almost emotional omnipotence which could also lead you to run some risk, or in any case to make you experience transgressive aspects that are not suited to you, at least in such a clear and unfiltered way. Moreover, the square of Mars from Aries pushes you to action and will make you particularly impatient while waiting, which could actually make you run more than a few risks such as perhaps being discovered if you launch into an extramarital affair or put in discussion for the emotional choices that you will make on the part of those who seem not to want to accept your change even in matters of feelings and love relationships.

Finally, the passage of Venus in Virgo from 5 to 29 August will make your summer particularly interesting from an emotional point of view and you could be the protagonists of possible clandestine encounters that can really put into action attitudes and resources that you didn't think you possessed and that you will be able to live with extreme simplicity and naturalness even if objectively quite far from your way of conceiving an encounter, even a fleeting one. However, do not underestimate the possible future outcomes and if you have no intention of committing, be clear in communicating this at the very first meetings.

The year ends by giving you a second season of love which will run from November 17th to December 7th. This, however, is the moment to give stability and concreteness to your emotional life and to define situations that are not yet stable. An excellent period for a wedding or for the beginning of a cohabitation as well as for meeting a person who could seriously think about starting a relationship destined to last over time.

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