Horoscope 2024

1st decan   June 22 - July 1
2nd decan  July 01 - 12
3rd decan   July 13 - 22

by Paolo Crimaldi

This is a year of doing, investing, planning, laying solid foundations for your future, also learning to rely less on the support of others and more on your great inner strength, letting yourself be guided not only by reason and logic but also from your intuition which always remains the master guide towards every notable goal you set for yourself.

Saturn in trine from the sign of Pisces , well supported by Uranus in sextile from Taurus , will guide you in a slow and gradual process of growth and self-awareness of your possibilities, pushing you to take on responsibilities that will allow you to initiate a profound change in yourself because aimed at acquiring security, primarily psychological, which will give you the opportunity, tenaciously, to pursue a project capable of changing your life in the years to come.
This is not something immediate, and you must arm yourself with a lot of patience in waiting for the right moments to come out to come out, act with competence and determination, so much so that it is likely that you will acquire more and more certainty and authority in areas that only a few months earlier seemed inaccessible if not prohibitive.

The first part of the year, with the complicity also of Jupiter in sextile from Taurus , you will be able to find the necessary resources to start any project you have at heart, while in the second part you will be able to count on the support of people who are friends of you, or who simply see potential in you that perhaps you don't even think you possess, and which will help you in the success of what you have at heart.

In other words it is a real change of direction, a getting back into the game and starting to nourish real ambitions again, to get back on track in a big way, as absolute protagonists and with that healthy desire for affirmation that characterizes you when actually you are convinced of something that ends up becoming central and almost obsessive in your life.

The first great intuitions, the sensation that you are changing course, will arrive with the trine of Mercury which from February 23rd to March 10th will make you look at things from a different perspective, broadening your perceptiveness and pushing you to follow an intuition capable of guide you towards a new project, but also in identifying the source capable of supporting your choices.
In fact, you will probably be able to find solutions, sometimes in a completely sudden and unforeseen way, to long-standing problems, so it could happen that you find the right path to start a real path to professional fulfillment that seemed blocked or not even imaginable. It is a moment in which you will need to know how to seize opportunities without holding back if they also involve profound changes in your usual lifestyle. It is very likely, in fact, that this new perspective that will open up to you can generate more than a little tension in your daily life, both in a strictly professional and family context, given that Mercury will remain in square Aries from 10 March to 15 May, putting a strain on your your ability to hold on and not give up, managing anxiety and stress with a thousand other worries, which can be seen as a whole in a real initiation rite.

The first real results will come with the entry of Mercury into your sign from June 17th to July 2nd. Take advantage of this period, also thanks to the synergistic action of Mars and Uranus in Taurus ,
because the energies will be truly multiple and will give you the opportunity to concretely direct your thoughts towards very specific objectives, fully centering them, obtaining a success that can generate many envy. But after all, when you decide to start a real change in your life, you never do it by chance and you certainly don't waste time listening to the voice of those who always want you in a secondary position, never totally protagonists of your life.

Another moment of particular luck for your working life, and more generally for your personal, social and more generally also economic fulfillment, will be the one from October 13th to November 2nd, when Mercury in trine from the sign of Scorpio will begin to bring to light the fruits of the work done, thus seeing the efforts made recognized, the merits linked to the work undertaken and the sacrifices you have made, so much so that finally obtaining a position cannot be ruled out of particular power or the entry of money, the result of everything that has been supported up to now.

In love this new year could surprise you quite a bit given that even in this sector, if you wish, you can achieve a certain emotional and relationship stability as long as you know how to put aside utopian and impractical ideals, ceasing to chase a sentimental perfection that is only present in romance novels and romantic films.
If you let yourself be guided by the principle of concreteness, you will be able to find a very pleasant emotional balance, such as to put you in a new emotional dimension, perhaps never experienced before.

From 11 March to 5 April Venus in trine Pisces will allow you to broaden your horizons in terms of interpersonal relationships and the possibility of having meetings that are even a little out of your ordinary cannot be ruled out, don't immediately go into rigid mode of judgment, but remain ambiguously in observation and then reserve the possibility of deciding on a new meeting or a proposal that could be made by the usual partner. In other words, don't take sides right away and remain open to possibilities, mainly for yourselves and then also for others.
A little healthy selfishness can only benefit you in this moment of your existence.

The season of love will begin for you on June 17th, and will continue until July 11th. It will be a very beautiful moment also because you will also find Mercury and Mars on your side, which will inevitably make you charismatic and fascinating even in the eyes of those who until now seemed not to notice your presence or the intentions you were harboring towards them. It is the moment in which to see your emotional needs fulfilled and for many of you it could be a moment in which you can finally put a stop to your relationship life. New loves and consolidations of those already present, but also other emotional dimensions to experience, nothing can be ruled out if it agrees with your emotional fulfillment.

Another particularly passionate and emotionally rich moment in 2024 is the one that goes from September 23rd to October 17th, that is when Venus from Scorpio will form a trine to your sign and will bring emotional tension, eroticism, and everything needed to revive a relationship or to get involved in new acquaintances, especially if you are motivated by a healthy drive that pushes you towards pleasure without too many thoughts and paranoia. Live this period with a healthy desire for enjoyment as an end in itself and it might surprise you that this very attitude could open the doors to a relationship you have been looking for for some time or to bring back a pleasant sharing of feelings and sex within the already existing ménage.

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