Horoscope 2024

1st decan   April 21 - 30
2nd decan  May 1 - 10
3rd decan   May 11 - 20

by Paolo Crimaldi

In this 2024 Jupiter will also be in your sign until the end of May, which can lead you to make some false steps in the financial field or to commit a carelessness in the evaluation of a project, perhaps losing an opportunity that cannot easily be repeated in the short term.
But no tears to be shed on spilled milk, try to be more fatalistic, even a little less responsible and you will see that with the arrival of summer some great rewards will also come both on a strictly personal and economic level as long as in the months previous years, and also in 2023, you have sown by doing a good job of networking with those who can now recognize your merits and quantify the commitment you have put into obtaining the final result.
In short, this new year certainly wants you anchored to certainties but at the same time dynamic and not excessively anchored to all those ideas, sometimes obsessive, of security, certainty of the result and lack of resourcefulness and predisposition to risk.

It is certainly a year in which by always having Uranus in the house, and also being able to count on the sextile of Saturn from Pisces , you will initiate other new changes that will give you new existential dimensions but above all the possibility of not taking leaps in the dark even if the resourcefulness and a pinch of healthy madness will be necessary to achieve the desired result, especially if it is something that leads you to open a new path in life.
Let in something out of the ordinary, which moves away from your usual standards and try not to be excessively controlling of the realities that surround you because in this way you will also be able to enter into new circles of friendships and professional acquaintances which can prove useful above all in the second part of the year when it will be necessary to put your foot on the accelerator more if you want to obtain concrete results, especially from a status and economic point of view.

Try to organize much of the heaviest work in the first six months of the year and if you have requests to make, such as a change of job, a promotion, a transfer, take advantage of this period. The answer will probably not come immediately but starting from next June thanks to the passage of Mars in your sign, and even more so in autumn when you will realize that you possess an incredible psycho-physical strength such as to allow you to achieve the goal without many scruples and second thoughts.

For those of you born in the first decade you will begin to feel the square of Pluto from the sign of Aquarius , a transit that could involve more than a few tensions and doubts about the frankness and clarity of a person close to you. As far as possible, avoid getting involved in unclear situations, in affairs that appear to be cumbersome and the mechanism of which you cannot fully understand, and do not be afraid to interrupt even quite decisively a collaboration or friendship if you feel that it is pulling you into something that is not very clear and that does not provide you with explanations and clarifications.

From a strictly professional point of view between January 14th and February 5th the transit of Mercury in Capricorn will allow you to clarify many situations, both from a management and economic point of view, allowing you to find, thanks also to the trine of Mars , it in Capricorn , a good dose of concreteness and mental clarity that will give you the opportunity to implement the necessary cuts, plan new work strategies in which you will put yourself at the forefront and will not leave what needs to be done to others. In some ways it will be an increase in responsibility but aimed at finding a new concrete and well-defined professional identity.
This is the time to be clear with your bosses and collaborators about what you want and how you believe you can achieve it all. Your decision-making will not leave the interlocutor indifferent and you could achieve successes even beyond your wildest expectations.

Between May 15th and June 3rd, Mercury in your sign gives you greater clarity and personal stability that will allow you to carry on without problems what has already been started with the arrival of the new year. You can also start to raise cash and have your merits recognized both from a social and above all economic point of view.

This will have to be done again, and if possible even more acute, between the end of July and mid-August and from 9 to 26 September when Mercury in trine to Virgo will give you the strength to clearly reveal what your plans are and to what you actually aspire to and want to achieve.
You may not be appreciated by more than a few people because you have never seen so much determination and ambition all at once, but the time has certainly come not to procrastinate in soft positions and ask for what is yours because it was born from a job long, constant and often tiring.

In love, make your ability to love and seriously commit yourself to a relationship felt if it is really what you want and do it right at the beginning of the year, and more precisely from January 23rd to February 16th, i.e. when Venus trine Capricorn , in company of Mars , offers you charm, passion, romance and a lot of concreteness, so much so that it allows you to see the near future in a far-sighted way. Therefore, the meetings made in this period can be a harbinger of future developments and lead to stable relationships if you are still single or materialize projects for two if you are in a couple and want to lay down roots that are even more anchored in the relationship.

Your season of love runs from April 29th to May 23rd thanks to the passage of Venus in your sign. Take advantage of this period to decide important things relating to your emotional life and even more so to a relationship that needs to be taken care of more if you want to see it grow, or definitively concluded if you want to experiment with other possibilities that you have not been able to experience. Clearly whatever the choice, there will certainly be a pleasant epilogue for you and the opening to a much more satisfying experience of emotions.

Singles may have many opportunities in this period to meet up that don't last more than a few days and many of you may find yourself experiencing emotions that are quite overwhelming and unexpectedly capable of making you seriously think that you have found the person you have been looking for for a long time .

From 5 to 29 August Venus in trine from Virgo will give you many pleasant encounters, flirtations, even obsessive thoughts, regarding your relationship life. It is in everyday life that everything will take place and you could have meetings, experience very pleasant adventures lasting a few hours right where you would least have thought possible. Even your workplace, or the place where you have been going on holidays for years, could offer you unimaginable surprises.

Finally, the return of Venus to Capricorn again from 11 November to 7 December will make you close the year under the best auspices as regards your love life and for many of you it could also be a period of very important choices such as for example choosing the date of the wedding or planning the birth of a child if you are already a couple, or seriously thinking about having an encounter with it, finalizing it towards a possible lasting relationship.

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