Horoscope 2022

1st decan   April 21 - 30
2nd decan  May 1 - 10
3rd decan   May 11 - 20

by Paolo Crimaldi

The year begins undoubtedly under the best auspices thanks to the support of Venus and Mars, which will join and pleasantly stimulate Uranus already transiting your sign for some time now.

2022 will be a year of change, transformation but also of important choices, those that define an existential path over time and that give depth to one's existence.

On more than a few occasions, you will probably have to choose between two equally convincing and attractive opportunities, and opting for one thing over the other won’t be easy at all, because you will strongly feel as if you have to give up something important.
It will be important as well to come to terms with the past and put an end to a series of situations that have ...

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