Horoscope 2021

1st decan   July 23 - August 2
2nd decan  August 03 - 12
3rd decan   August 13 - 23

by Paolo Crimaldi

2021 begins with the opposition of Saturn and Jupiter from the sign of Aquarius which will accompany you for the whole year.
You will have to deal with tricky situations, sometimes refusals or setbacks that will allow you to experience a different human and social dimension.

In some cases, you won’t be as much in the spotlight as before, and at certain times of the year you will have to come to terms with people you underestimate, who maybe handle things in a way that cause you disgust and disappointment, if not anger and frustration.
This is the great lesson of Saturn, that is staying low key, withdrawing from the spotlight and waiting to start a project that may not immediately give you easy and pompous acclaim, but that ...

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