Horoscope 2022

1st decan   July 23 - August 2
2nd decan  August 03 - 12
3rd decan   August 13 - 23

by Paolo Crimaldi

If 2021 has made you feel trapped more than once in situations on the verge of real psychic confinement, 2022 will give you greater scope for action and freedom, but above all it will make you aware of the strategies that should be adopted to reach and hit the targets you set, without necessarily having to clash with those who think differently from you or who are not too happy about your success.
It is important that you learn to be strategic, to understand that it is not always good to expose yourselves, in fact sending someone else forward in some situations can be extremely beneficial and useful to save your energies for the frontal attack you will launch only when the time is right and the goal is really concrete and within your re ...

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