Horoscope 2024

1st decan   July 23 - August 2
2nd decan  August 03 - 12
3rd decan   August 13 - 23

by Paolo Crimaldi

2024 will be a particularly eventful year, in a positive sense, in which you will find yourself in multiple situations where you can make your skills known and allow those around you to take advantage of the great energy that you will develop in different fields of life, especially in professional and social relations.

Many of you will find yourself, sometimes even suddenly, having to take on a new role, or catapulted into the lead of a project in which you will finally show what your true qualities are, the work done so far and how reliable you can also be in those tasks that apparently seem to diverge from your professional and social identity.
In other words, it is very likely that you could be chosen, or you will choose in full autonomy, to be part of some project that differs significantly from your usual and consolidated skills and knowledge, finding yourself projected into a socio-professional universe completely new and out of the ordinary.
It is the innovative drive, even if sometimes a little stressful, that Uranus has been getting you used to for a few years now in square to Taurus , but also the necessary motivation to get involved in situations that can significantly increase your need for visibility and recognition others.

The first part of the year will certainly be more tiring due to the square of Jupiter also in the sign of Taurus , which will probably make you feel quite under scrutiny and sometimes not free enough to be able to fully express your ideas and undertake even a path not necessarily already marked by someone else. You will have to be patient and not bite the brakes too much, but learn to be more strategic, more diplomatic, not to necessarily engage in confrontation when someone tries to reduce you, or even push you against the wall. Be seemingly flexible, even swallow a few bitter pills because then you will have the opportunity and opportunity to redeem yourself with great success starting from the entry of Jupiter into the sign of Gemini from May 26th.

In short, there will be work to be done a little quietly and under control in this first part of 2024 for you to enjoy the merits, benefits and recognitions starting from the month of June when things will take a different direction, and clearly to your advantage , even if you will be forced in part, at least until July, to have to manage the frustration and envy of those who don't like your success and the affirmation of projects that are almost exclusively yours.

The year starts off in the best way with the support of Mercury , Venus and Mars in trine in the sign of Sagittarius, which especially in the first two weeks of January will give you the opportunity to choose and decide which path to follow in this new year. Look with interest and foresight at what may come from afar or that may be a springboard for new knowledge and opportunities for professional growth even if at the moment it does not appear to have interesting developments from an economic point of view.

From 10 March to 15 May the trine of Mercury from Aries will offer you notable ideas to be able to concretely start on projects that are now clear to you, but also to ask to be positioned in roles different from the one occupied so far, or perhaps to self-apply for something that professionally could become a real challenge, even quite demanding, which will accompany you until the beginning of summer, giving you little space for freedom.
Clearly it is not something unpleasant or negative for you, far from it, but it is certainly extremely demanding and requires some initial sacrifices so that it can then take off with great success.

From 2nd to 25th July, and then again from 15th August to 9th September, Mercury will again transit through your sign, bringing its first welcome recognition to the work you have done in the first part of the year. You will probably be recognized for your merits, skills and work actually done which will materialize both in terms of visibility and change in professional status and in concrete earnings which will thus allow you to recover ground and credibility where there had previously been some problems of a strictly economic nature , at work as in the family.

In this whirlwind of pleasant things in the professional and social field , such as the possibility of being co-opted into some role of particular prestige and visibility in projects not strictly linked to the work environment, new opportunities will present themselves in the months of November and December , just like those at the beginning of the year, which can once again open you up to far-reaching projects and help you identify new paths that you hadn't previously thought of. Maintain an attitude of flexibility and openness and do not entrench yourself behind rigid and dogmatic positions because they could make you miss out on good opportunities for growth both professionally and socially.

Your relationship life will be no different and will also present a real emotional whirlwind which in the first part of the year can create tensions and misunderstandings with those you have been around for a long time or just for a few weeks.
In other words, there will be a fairly eventful first part of the year that is intolerant of other people's rules and expectations, which will lead you to not tolerate times and responsibilities that you don't feel you can share or that you haven't chosen independently, which however will probably put you in the position of sometimes finding yourself in uncomfortable positions and playing the role of the domineering and insensitive person.

However, the year begins very well with Venus in trine from Sagittarius until January 23rd, and also well supported by Mars , which will allow you to meet new people with extreme ease, especially if you open your horizons abroad , understood not only as coming from foreign lands, but also as a diversity of behavior and lifestyle. A favorable moment to bring a breath of fresh air into the couple or simply to take a trip that could highlight many things within the relationship.

From 5 to 29 April Venus in trine Aries will give a real breath of optimism and the desire to escape from an emotional routine that you feel no longer belongs to you. Some of you will be able to experiment with the art of seduction and experience particularly stimulating adventures both on a strictly emotional and on an erotic-passionate level, which could clearly also help you to experience flirting and relationships even simultaneously. Be careful not to get too carried away and in a delirium of omnipotence promise things that you know well you cannot absolutely respect or simply support and if it concerns adventures or extramarital affairs, be absolutely honest in declaring your non-freedom, at least for the moment .
This surplus of energy can clearly also be experienced within the couple and thus lead you to recover a passionate dimension that perhaps had been lost.

Your season of love begins on July 11th and will end on August 5th. It will be a truly special period, magical at times, and you will also be able to count on the support of Jupiter and Mars who will give you the right allure and erotic charge to be able to conquer whoever you want without any limitations, in fact it is much more likely that you won't even have to put into play, looking for who could capture your attention, because as if by magic you will really attract a lot of people interested in you, regardless of whether you are single or already in a couple.
Very favorite period for summer adventures and burning passions experienced with great transgression, even within your usual ménage.

From 17 October to 11 November Venus once again in Sagittarius will return to broaden your emotional horizons, giving you the chance to have very unusual encounters or push you to find a different way of being as a couple with your partner. It could also be the time to bring into your emotional life, and more generally your relationship, some new things to be experienced with enthusiasm and passion so much so as to open you up to a different way of loving and establishing and living emotional relationships.

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