Horoscope 2022

1st decan   January 21 - 30
2nd decan  January 31 - February 9
3rd decan   February 10 - 19

by Paolo Crimaldi

In 2022, you will feel the dynamics between Uranus and Saturn very clearly, which will lead you to make more radical decisions in your life and to nail down more and more neatly both boundaries and areas of action.

You will certainly take on new responsibilities resulting from wise choices based on what your real needs are, and you will most likely direct yourselves towards goals that only a few years ago you wouldn’t have even considered. Of course, this is not a fallback or a compulsory choice, but rather a psycho-emotional growth that took place in your life and that makes you look at the world in a less rosy but more pragmatical way.

This does not mean that you have lost your true nature, but that you have just grown, ...

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