Horoscope 2021

1st decan   January 21 - 30
2nd decan  January 31 - February 9
3rd decan   February 10 - 19

by Paolo Crimaldi

With the very first days of the year, you will immediately feel a wind of change that can at first be particularly strong and radical.
In fact, especially for those of you who were born in the first decanate of the sign, Uranus and Mars in Taurus squaring your Sun, burdened by the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that recently entered your sign, will generate a strong energy that, depending on your predisposition and the work done on you so far, can bring about changes, even radical ones, for your life or a real tsunami that threatens to sweep away more than something to which you are attached but that maybe no longer serves you.

The last week of January will be especially decisive to make a truly crucial choice, most likely f ...

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