Horoscope 2024

1st decan   January 21 - 30
2nd decan  January 31 - February 9
3rd decan   February 10 - 19

by Paolo Crimaldi

The entry of Pluto into your sign on January 21st will accompany you until 2044, such a long period of time in which many of your inner beliefs will change, in which you will learn new power strategies both towards yourself, perhaps by accepting the art of compromise aimed at maintaining a status in which you feel perfectly recognized and at ease, and towards those around you, accepting the idea of giving up some space of personal freedom to manage a more structured control over the environment around you.
In other words, you will begin to confront some of your beliefs and obsessions that often prevent you from being truly free and/or managing your life, work, interpersonal relationships in a peaceful and non-anxious way.

In this 2024 you will be helped in this process of such profound and structural change by Jupiter , which from May 26th will begin to form a trine to your sign and will accompany you for the remaining year and also part of the next, giving you optimism and a desire for experimentation and expansion and greater lightness in evaluating the situations with which you will be confronted. First, however, it will be necessary to organize and consolidate new positions that you will experiment with before reaching practical results, even from a financial point of view, and in this you will be given help by the sextile of Mercury from Aries from day 10 March until May 15th.

Over the course of the entire year you will experience a continuous alternation of thoughts and problems that can diversify so clearly that at some moments you may have the feeling of being experiencing a real psychotic split. In reality it will be a fairly normal process that leads to the clarification of some of your attitudes that you see acting in various circumstances but which you probably no longer feel belong to you for some time. The time has therefore come to make a clean break, to abandon them to find a new dimension on a personal level, implementing that profound change, which you have already felt pressing within you for some years but which you have often rejected in a clear and stubborn way.

In fact, the square of Uranus from the sign of Taurus creates continuous tension and intolerance towards aspects of you and your life that you clearly perceive as obstacles to personal fulfillment but to which you remain tenaciously clinging for no apparent reason. In this 2024 some of them will give way to new awareness even if the change will not be so easy and painless and will sometimes involve different spheres of existence at the same time, from the work to the social one up to the area of interpersonal relationships.
However, these will only be initial tensions, a fear of no longer having control over one's life, which however will soon give way to a more healthy and free dimension and the rediscovery of a psycho-emotional balance that has actually been missing for some time from your life.

From 5 to 23 February the transit of Mercury in your sign will bring you to face all those attachments and habits that you no longer need and the time has come to abandon. For many of you it will be a question of ending some friendship or collaboration that over time has only become a burden, for others however it will create the opportunity to start with a new project that involves closing all the past ones that have become just dead branches that you don't need at all. Try to best define, before this period, everything that has already been done and cannot give anything else and calmly say goodbye to everything that is just history, part of your past, thus opening yourself up to the new, to challenges that can give a more authentic dimension to the professional and social sphere. In this work you will be supported by the great energy of Mars which will also transit through your sign starting from February 13th.

From 3 to 17 June the trine of Mercury from the sign of Gemini will allow you to find the lightness and freedom to communicate your new path to the outside world, probably also exposing yourself publicly in all those things that began last winter and which have now reached maturity, or of which you are starting to have such mastery and confidence that you can take on responsibility without fear of slip-ups. This period is also particularly useful for making yourself known in those areas you aim to bring your originality of thought and brilliant motivation.
You agree to be involved in new projects as long as you can maintain your freedom of thought and action even if absolutely: remember that training has begun to learn the art of compromise, but only those that are wise and useful to one's own growth.

Mercury , again in trine but from the sign of Libra , from September 26th to October 13th, will help you find new friendships, collaborations, alliances capable of supporting this change that is taking place in you in the work and social spheres and will be It is possible to begin to make known in a more serene and confident way those ideas that may be far-fetched and a little non-conformist. However, every change comes through diversification, not through homologation and never more than in 2024 will you realize how little aligned you will be in the various work contexts and in your relationships.

Even the sphere of emotional relationships will undergo profound changes because you will come to know things about yourself, or about potential partners, which could lead you to radically change the way you are within a relationship.

Your season of love will recur twice this year, from February 16th to March 11th and from December 7th onwards.

The first will be in perfect synergy with Mars which is also in your sign and will open you up to pleasant emotions, thawing a part of you that in recent times had allowed itself little space for free affection. You will once again appreciate the erotic-passionate involvement with your partner, just as you will let yourself be guided by very out of the ordinary encounters, perhaps to start a new story that is quite different from past ones. For some of you, a new relational dimension could even open up, allowing you to experiment with ways and people to love that are light years away from what you had done just a few months earlier.

At the end of the year, however, an idyll/clash will be created again with Mars , this time in Leo , which will allow you to let yourself be hooked by a whirlwind of emotions that will give your erotic life such a shock that you will feel such an energy flowing that you can then also direct in other areas of life. A moment to experience scorching adventures as well as being overwhelmed by a stroke of love at first sight that will make you experience overwhelming emotions, to say the least.

From May 23rd to June 17th the trine of Venus in Gemini will give you the opportunity to feel lighter and freer to express yourself in matters of affection and you will be able to find a new way of being together with your partner making your emotional change something new, thus giving impetus and vitality to a relationship that was perhaps too closed in on itself. Singles, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to have particularly interesting and initially non-binding encounters, so as to make you evaluate more calmly whether to continue in the coming months or leave the pleasure of having experienced a late spring flirtation.

The passage of Venus in Libra from August 29th to September 23rd will herald a stabilization of your love life if this is one of your primary needs. For those who want it, they will be able to find the opportunity to look, together with their partner, at future scenarios in which to experience a dimension of love and as a couple and to lay the foundations for stabilization also from a practical point of view such as buying a house together, sharing a professional project or a new interest outside of work. For those who are single, the opportunity to make acquaintances capable of choosing a future as a couple will be truly many, especially if you have not been in a stable relationship for some time and no longer wish to continue being alone.

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