Monthly Horoscope
 from 22 November to 22 December

1st decan   January 21 - 30
2nd decan   January 31 - February 9
3rd decan   February 10 - 19

by Sandra Zagatti

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Relief and recovery
The Sun sextile in the eleventh field in Sagittarius , joining the Moon on December 4th. At the beginning of the astrological month, Mercury and Mars are still dissonant in the tenth field in Scorpio but one after the other they will in turn move into Sagittarius : Mercury already from November 24th and until December 13th, Mars below, just starting from 13 December. Meanwhile, in your sign, Saturn remains on the first decade until December 13 and then begins to affect the second, while Jupiter is on the third. The second decade is also involved in the square of Uranus , your guiding planet, always in the fourth field in Taurus . In general, I would say that you can feel a healthy relaxation after a somewhat nervous period, thus relaunching your design energy. Positive days of 29 and 30 November, 4, 9, 12 and 17 December. On the other hand, some confusing moments are possible on 25 and 26 November, 2, 8, 14 and 15 December.

Between before and after

The dissonance of Mars bothering you since October 30th and will only end on December 13th, but perhaps its most nervous phase was around mid-November. There remains a trail of agitation for the third decade, an emotional fatigue for everyone, however with the Sun and Mercury again friends, already at the beginning of the astrological month you will feel a certain relaxation . It is true that this last part of the year must be lived with careful responsibility, precisely because it is accompanied by transits of conclusion but, in fact, still to be lived and processed. In addition to the square of Mars , which has recently passed the T-Cross with Saturn and Uranus , the same Saturn and Uranus will form the third and final aspect of reciprocal square : a complex dialectic between the rulers of your sign, which between ups and downs it characterized the whole of 2021. It cannot therefore be ruled out that there may be internal or concrete events, decisions, turning points, which somehow sanction the delicate transition between before and after. In this sense it will also be a period of balance sheets, of integration of experience and - consequently - of new design awareness. It is no coincidence that the New Moon of December 4, in good sextile in your eleventh field , will be an eclipse: an invitation to reflection rather than action. For some of you, many things have already changed, other changes are underway and more will follow. This profound transformation, necessary and even healthy, will probably be concentrated in the months between 2021 and 2022. Concentrated, not limited: the incisiveness of transits and their temporal extension depend, as always, on individual contexts. But in general it will be easier to agree to becoming, to participate constructively and not only by passive adaptation, if you know how to think before acting.

Share, don't compete
It may be that in this period you are unusually pessimistic, that you prefer to work alone to avoid discussions, judgments, various tensions. Yet you are people perfectly capable of collaborating, indeed you know how to place yourselves as references, guides, encouraging common motivations and feeling yourself stimulated by the comparison with colleagues. In this sense Mercury helps, and in the course of the month you will find at least part of this natural ability of yours, but until the 13th the dissonance of Mars will still be noticed. Perhaps you will feel little encouraged, even hindered, which is why you will prefer autonomy. However, where it is necessary to interact, it will unfortunately be easy to enter into conflict, competition. Certainly it will not help you create enemies out of thin air or see them where they do not exist ... Consider, if anything, that the worst enemies can be within you: in bad mood, in small envies, in suspicions, in the certainty of being right. All this prevents you from being objective, confuses your clarity and leads you to an unnecessary waste of emotional energy, effectively damaging efficiency and productivity. Take this into account. Even in family or couple relationships you could slip into unpleasant controversies, perhaps due to jealousy, unhealed grudges. Maybe a banal disagreement on the upcoming holiday programs, a complaint from the partner about your lack of presence or availability, will be enough to trigger a bickering and re-emerge old wounds, recriminations. So be careful. Speaking sincerely is the first step to regain harmony, but it will be even better if you involve the partner in a project, in an interest, in an initiative, in short, in something that makes you feel united beyond differences of character or opinions. .

First decade
Mercury transits in sextile from 24th to 30th November: a few days which, however, can be profitable, with the complicity of the conjunct of Saturn . The mind is clear but open, as well as stimulated by projects and a far-sighted vision. You can achieve results in the present and plan some initiatives for the future. Possible knowledge that matters.

Second decade
Mercury will be in sextile in the first week of December and will participate in the Moon of 4. It is a useful period to review some choices, verify the validity of a project and plan its operational stages. Perhaps there are some things to change, to clarify better, even an honest comparison with your collaborators will be fruitful.

Third decade
While Jupiter gives you the last month of its conjunct , Mars will be dissonant from November 29 to December 13. An excess of confidence in your opinions or abilities could expose you to wrong or in any case inappropriate behavior. Between 7 and 13, the sextile of Mercury helps you to be more open, available, transparent.

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