Horoscope 2015

1st decan   August 24 - September 2
2nd decan  September 3 - 12
3rd decan   September 13 - 22

                                                                                                                         by Paolo

Your astrological situation in 2015 seems to be ambivalent, as you will busy yourselves in many different activities, but the results may be outstanding or disappointing for no apparent motive.
For this reason, you may have the sensation of going round in circles, though this will only be an impression. In fact, you will be skirting round obstacles in a sort of gymkhana made of successes and disappointments, achievements and failures. Such a situation could throw you into a flat spin and strain your proverbial attention to details, order, and programming your serene daily routine.

On the other hand, the destabilizing effects of this situation will be useful, as you will need to break yourselves of any habits, and change those attitudes that prevented you from pursuing your objective. Indeed, you will experience new different interests, so you will be ready to test yourselves, rediscover enthusiasm and take up the reins of your life.

In other words, the stars this year will invite you to be energetic, determinate, proactive and effective in any situation, though you may need to break out of a mould and make some sacrifice, radical changes or final decisions. Nothing is like it was before, and you should commit in all senses, since you may be required to give in something important if you want to achieve your goals. This will be the lesson of Saturn, which will be in a difficult square position for much of the year, thus indicating that you will have to face some challenges if you want to get what you want.

After you have achieved your reach goals, everything will change and you will experience a new way of living that may even lead to break off some old-term friendships or collaborations that have been in crisis in the recent years. Otherwise, some persons may be estranged from you as they realize that you change and do not live up their expectations. For this reason, you may feel sometimes lonely and melancholic, especially in early summer.
Don’t get downhearted and remember that Jupiter will enter your sign in the late morning of August 11, bringing a wave of optimism and good prospects that will allow you to gain in popularity and recover in your professional and social spheres. Try to be more confident in your relationships, although the square of Saturn may reopen an old wound and make you feel lonely and suspicious. For this reason, you will be more cautious and selective in choosing the persons who are in tune with your life.

From a professional point of view, the stars will invite you to pull up and reflect before acting, in order to understand if some sacrifices are necessary for achieving your top goals.
In the second part of April, Mercury will offer you its trine from Taurus, allowing you to lay solid foundation for some projects that will bear their fruits in the second half of the year. This will be a harvest time and you will do a gradual and painstaking job. Therefore, if you do not get any immediate feedback, you should not think this period is an unproductive one. Actually, take advantage of these weeks to launch a project, apply for a first or new job; try to establish new collaborations and make some new contacts that may be helpful in the future. All this work will be precious, so you may be required to strain for defending it, especially between May 1 and July 8, when the long-term square of Mercury in Gemini could indicate some delays, pressure, oversight, deadlock situations or annoying obstacles. Do not lose your cool and remember that the work you do now will bring its results in the long term.
If need be, this period will be favourable for resolving any hereditary, bureaucratic, administrative, legal or financial issues. Despite some minor waiver, you will be able to find the best solution.

From the evening of August 7 until the 27th, Mercury will be transiting your sign, where it will join forces with the benevolent Jupiter. Such a positive combination will finally bring some high awards and outstanding results on an economic level. The stressing and hard work you did in the previous month will bear its high quality fruits. So you should take advantage of this transit to launch new projects or invest wisely in some useful and safe initiatives. In any case, do not be in a rush to have your bread buttered on both sides, as being impatient will not be a strategic attitude this year.

A new phase will begin on December 10, as you will make a balance and decide to start again from square one. Actually, some changeovers will prompt you to “reprogram” certain aspects of your everyday life, both in your private and professional spheres. These adjustments will be particularly strengthening, as you will be able to change your job, transfer or get a prestigious task as you have coveted for a long time.

As for your emotional sphere, from 17 March to April 11, Venus in Taurus will cast a splendid trine on your sign, allowing you to enjoy the solidity of your relations. The sky will help you make your dreams come true and decide to seal an agreement that you and your partner have delayed for a long time. In fact, you may fix your wedding date, decide to cohabit, or move an important step, such as the purchasing of a house. If you are single, you will have some good opportunities to make a special encounter, especially near the New Moon on March 20. To be precise, the starts will favour the encounters with people who are older than you.

Your season of love this year will be divided into two periods, respectively from July 18 until the 31th, and from the afternoon of October 8 until November 8.
The first one will be very quick and passionate, so you may be involved in a disengaged summer love that will continue to smell of fleeting adventure at least until October, when it may take off and turn into a relationship.
Those of you who have a secret affair or parallel relationship should be particularly careful in summer, as someone may give the show away and complicate your situation. In some cases, you may encounter an engaged person, so you may be required to wait, if you want to make your relationship official. This might be difficult but, if you are sure you have met your soul mate, you should try to stay patient; actually, the stars will return to be smiling on your sentimental life in October, when you will realize that you have not waited in vain.

In general, autumn will be a flourishing season for all of you, as you may rediscover love with an ex or yield in overwhelming emotions and revive your sentimental life. Get rid of any unpleasant past memories and be ready to enjoy love freely, whether you are single or in a couple. In this case, you will rediscover romantic feelings with your partner and recover your relationship after some critical months. If arguments, problems or critic events have damaged you bond, you will have the opportunity to resolve everything and restart with peace of mind.

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