Horoscope 2017

1st decan   August 24 - September 2
2nd decan  September 3 - 12
3rd decan   September 13 - 22

by Paolo Crimaldi

This year will be quite significant for you on a personal level, because you will have to realise that many things have changed around you and you canít go on pretending everything is the same, just to stay faithful to your beloved routine and the security it can give you.

The square by Saturn in Sagittarius for almost the whole year is very significant in this regard and will make you face new responsibilities that will become a part of your daily life and that may cause some tension, above all in the family environment.
Family and parental relationships will just be those that will require more attention and participation, and it wonít be so easy for you to avoid responsibilities that demand your complete commitment, above all if you have always been considered the pillar of the family.
Sometimes, you may feel as if you have lost your own space and personal time, which may stress you out and push you to make drastic decisions you may regret afterwards, so youíd better carefully weigh the pros and cons and ask for a friendís advice, in order to proceed in the right direction.

You have already realised that you can no longer go on blindly or taking on responsibilities that are not of your concern, and you are also aware that some of the things that are stressing you out canít be avoided. You should definitely count on your ruling planet, Mercury, that is on your inborn ability to figure out the right path to reach the goal with the least amount of effort. You can certainly do it, but you have to stop feeling anxious and mulling over everything, which prevents you from seeing things from a wider and lighter perspective. This is a strict way of thinking you usually resort to when faced with hurdles but that does not suit you after all.

All that means that during this 2017 you will have to deal with some complicated situations, but nothing really as serious or heavy as it may seem from this forecast, because Saturn will make you face some challenges that can be defined as ďpreparatoryĒ to begin a new existential dimension, where you will feel perfectly in tune with what really belongs to you.
It will be a slow, sometimes irrational work, but you have to keep searching for its reason and meaning, keep going, even though it may be hard, and open up to the new.

In your career, you will have to show in more than one occasion how hard you are willing to work for a project that is important to you. You are likely to be put to the test, which will increase your anxiety and insecurities, but it will only result from your negative and superstitious thinking, since things will actually work out for the better.

Between May 16th and June 6th the trine of Mercury in Taurus will promote the achievement of the first real professional goals of the year, and you may also get a public recognition that could lead to a change of job, a raise (or a production bonus) or a confirmation that will make your financial resources more stable and will allow you to launch new projects also on a more personal level.

The long transit of Mercury in your sign from July 25th to September 30th, except for a brief pause at the beginning of September, will help you think of the best way of organizing new things to do, but you will also be supported by the energy of Mars, which will enter your sign in September as well, to lead you steadily towards concrete achievements. Donít be afraid of thinking big, because Jupiter will be your ally from October 10th, but at the same time donít be too anxious and eager to see the results, because you will have to wait for Saturn to exit Sagittarius on December 20th to be absolutely sure you can get what you desire.
Learning to wait will be more than ever a lesson that will turn out precious in the future, because it will allow you to achieve a lot, above all in your career and in new operating areas.

Love will be an emotional rollercoaster. But you should not complain, because you will never be bored but will always have someone or something stimulating your mind, and your heart, to the point that you will realise you are not as unattractive as you often think, luckily with no great conviction though.
During the first part of the year you will be caught in a whirl of passion and connections that will surely please your healthily narcissistic side.
You may realise that a fleeting affair outside your daily routine, or even some opportunities outside your committed and balanced relationship, are not as improbable or transgressive for you as you have always thought, and wonít question your certainties about love and your significant other.

In the first part of the year you will feel like having fun, trying new ways of connecting with others, and you wonít feel as if you are doing something wrong and against your values, because you are actually only behaving according to the mercurial mood of your sign.
Be careful and cautious, though, if you are already in a relationship, because this transgressive drive may make you take some false steps, you may get caught and get into a dispute with your partner. The month of May will be especially tricky in this regard.

From June 6th to July 4th, the trine of Venus in Taurus brings emotional stability and the desire to build something serious and solid, especially if you have been alone for a long time. The people you will meet during this period are likely to become long-lasting relationships, and above all on the New Moon on the 24th, many of you may meet the right one and finally understand how beautiful being a couple can be. Or you may bring new proactive energy into your long-time relationship, the desire to make plans and look to the future together, which will manage to heal past tension and misunderstandings.

Your love season will begin on September 20th and will end on October 14th. It wonít be so long, but very intense since it will be supported by Mars: a mixture of feelings and passion, pragmatism and recklessness, will help those of you who are still indecisive to make important decisions which will turn a feeling of emotional confusion into something clearer and defined, thanks to the generous opportunities this sky will offer.

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