Horoscope 2016

1st decan   August 24 - September 2
2nd decan  September 3 - 12
3rd decan   September 13 - 22

by Paolo Crimaldi

2016 is a year when you have to get busy particularly on a professional level, and concentrate most of your activities until early Autumn, since you will be supported by Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury.
Let it be clear, everything will be hard-won, because the square of Saturn in Sagittarius will try to make you get what you want only after great efforts and a deep awareness of what really means for you: you will have to get rid of what is unnecessary and what hinders your fulfilment, whether it is things, people or situations.

You will focus on putting your life in order on many fronts, and try firmly and rationally to rearrange what has gone ahead in a scrambled and chaotic way so far. You will be clear-headed, which will help your decisions, but they wonít be as simple as they seem, since on many occasions (particularly in the first two months of the year and in summer) you will clash with those who donít seem to appreciate your new autonomy and capability of proceeding without usual (and now useless) supports and/or with some setbacks, which seem to keep putting you and your real motivations to the test and pushing you to carefully choose the path you will go along.

Actually, in 2016 you will often be challenged on matters you have been working on for a while but you have never made decisions about so far. Now you can really achieve your goal and make a real breakthrough in your life, thanks to renewed personal power given by the trine of Pluto in Capricorn, which will be absolutely irresistible.
Donít forget, though, that the opposition of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces may sometimes stir anxiety and lead you into confused and ambiguous situations. Before signing any paperwork, committing yourselves even with just a handshake, think things through to understand whether this is what you really want to do, because misjudgements are possible that may put all previous work and your financial resources into jeopardy.

Anyway, the first months of the year may go by quite uneventfully on a professional level. But from April 6th to June 12th, the trine of Mercury in Taurus will give your career a boost: new ideas, appealing offers, and the awareness that something is changing for the better and you have to drop patterns and manners of the past but be flexible, use new energies and different communication strategies. All this may make the overall vibes around you quite electric, since Mars in Sagittarius will square your sign until the end of May, but despite this annoying transit, you should not let yourselves be overwhelmed by anxieties and fear of change: you will have to clash with those who dislike your new way of being and asserting yourselves, but donít worry about that because you are now in a situation where you can put down firm roots and reach professional fulfilment and prestigious career positions.

Another fruitful time for your career will be from July 30th to October 7th, with Mercury in your sign until mid-August, supported by Mars. Even though it is summer, try to meet your commitments, although this can mean to cancel a planned holiday, and be willing to accept a new job or replace a colleague at work giving up at the last moment. Far-sighted Saturn will make sure your sacrifice will pay off, although it will seem to you that you are not getting anything in return. Now it is the time to sow and launch new projects, you will reap the fruits in autumn and even more in 2017.

Finally, from December 2nd friendly Mercury in Capricorn, supported by Pluto, may bring the first real benefits of what has been carried out over the year and public recognition, which will give your self-esteem a boost, and push you to venture into new and unexpected fields.

As for love, this year will be assorted, and you will experience times of both emotional fulfilment and total confusion and haziness, to such an extent that sometimes you may find yourselves drained by love and relationships and only eager to spend some time alone to get your life together.

From late January 23rd to early February 17th, Venus trining your sign will give you emotional stability and the desire to be with someone with whom you can share something more than passion and romance. You may be willing to spend more time with your partner, share common projects and even plan to get married. Just remember Neptune in Pisces is still opposing your sign, and making things nebulous, so the risk for you is to make promises and get involved in knotty situations, just because you are suffering from some sort of fleeting longing for a cosy nest.

From April 30th to May 24th Venus in Taurus will be trining your sign again. This is a beautiful time for passion and sensuality and many of you will be irresistibly charming and able to win over the heart also of someone you were interested in but who did not seem to notice you before. Great time for everyone, whether single or coupled, to experience passionate affairs and get a relationship started that can get committed in the upcoming months.

Your love season will start on August 5th and last until 30th. Steamy affairs, rekindled passion with your long-time partner and the desire to challenge yourselves in an old or new relationship, which will give you the needed energy to feel alive and stronger, and to take full control of your emotional life.

Finally Venus will be back into Capricorn from November 12th to December 7th: it is time to reap what you sow and make decisions in your love life: you will define a situation that you have been dragging on wearily so far without taking stance. The time has come to take clear action, no ambiguous behaviour will work now. This Venus is especially positive for those who want to take a relationship to the next level, so it is very likely you will end the year feeling satisfied with yourselves and the people you have by your side.

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