Horoscope 2014

1st decan   August 24 - September 2
2nd decan  September 3 - 12
3rd decan   September 13 - 22

                                                                                                                         by Paolo

The year 2014 is very important for you and you will manage to fulfil a lot of things that had remained unexpressed in your life for a long time.
At last, you will draw positive and constructive energy from the sextile aspect of Saturn for the whole year, and Jupiter too will support you at least until mid-July, as well as Venus, which will be friendly during the first two months of 2014. In short, playing the victim wonít help you this time, nobody will believe you, also because you will be so lucky that everybody around you will be envious.

Take advantage of the first part of the year to take important steps, make historic decisions, such as moving to another city, changing your job, fixing the wedding date or breaking up, or maybe buying a house or planning a journey to long-desired places.
So you will be spoilt for choice as you can see, and if you are well-organized you may also successfully fulfil more things at the same time. After all, your physical and mental energy will be top notch over the whole year and you will be hardly kept from going ahead with a project that is especially important to you.

Obviously, letís not forget Neptune and Chiron which are opposite from Pisces and will make you face psychological and existential, not practical, challenges.
Neptune in particular, if you were born in the first decanate, may make you lose control of the situation, muddle you up and make you deal with completely unexpected and unusual situations. Donít be afraid, try to be assertive and donít back off if you have to experience a different way of acting and thinking, because you will benefit from that from a psychological and spiritual point of view. Of course, this transit can lead you to act thoughtlessly, underestimate dangers and consequently run some risks which can compromise some hard-won certainties: donít be overcome by anxiety, be flexible and tolerant with yourselves and the other people, and also try to accept that things may not be always perfect and definitive.
The most chaotic period will be from January 31 to April 7, except a short time at the beginning of March, because of the annoying transit of Mercury in Pisces which will put your sense to the test. Donít sign contracts, make partnerships and do anything that requires team work.

On the other hand, Chiron may bring real initiation tests into your life, to such an extent that you will open up to new chances of growth and experiences in new unexplored fields. The time may come to begin an unconventional treatment, attend alternative art circles or maybe hang out with people who think totally differently.

From April 23 to May 7, the trine aspect of Mercury in Capricorn will repay you for all your sacrifices, and for all the moments when you thought you had lost your stability and the certainty of a normal life: actually, it all has enriched you and made you more flexible, to such an extent that you will get rewards or career promotions, or will brilliantly overcome a trial period, but your financial situation will also benefit from that.

Between August 15 and September 2, Mercury will transit your sign and make you especially clear-minded and smart, and will help you sort out some knotty situations around you and in your home environment. But you will mostly benefit from that on a working level and you will finally change a lot of things and get immediate advantages, above all financially, also thanks to those people who care for you and want you to be successful.

The year ends with Mercury in trine aspect, which from the 17 will transit friendly Capricorn: it will be a great time to take stock of your life and get what is due to you and you havenít received yet.
Many of you will finally get a career reward, others may find a new job or a first job, but you may also have the chance to manage an unexpected amount of money which may cause you anxiety and prevent you from enjoying it fully.

As for your love life, 2014 will be positive for those of you who want to commit to a relationship or look for a long-lasting, clear and unambiguous one.
In short, the time has come to settle down, which may not necessarily mean the end of passion, transgression and all the unconventional things that appeal to you so much and you secretly experience, but that you also fear and hardly let into your relationship.

The year begins the best possible way, with the trine aspect of Venus in Capricorn until March 5. You can make things clear if you are already in a relationship, find a new way of being together, but also experience new dynamics that may be pleasantly intriguing, revive your relationship and that routine with which you could not put up any more.
But if you are single, this time of the year will be perfect to meet the right partner with whom you can build a stable, long-lasting relationship. You will find it easier to trust the other person, which will allow you to begin a gratifying relationship on many levels.

Between May 29 and June 23, Venus will trine your sign from Taurus, and this will be another great time for your love life, also to make common decisions, share common responsibilities about important matters, such as the purchase of a house, a child or living together. The singles will be especially sociable and charming, and will easily win over anyone who will come into contact with them. In short, it will be hard to resist you and finding the right partner can be a piece of cake.

But your love season will begin on September 5 and will finish on 29. A short but intense time, and above all the first part of the month, when Mars too will be your friend, may bring a sudden love at first sight in your life, you may fall in love with someone you would have never thought you could find attractive or interesting, or you may make important decisions related to your love life so quickly that you may surprise your partner too. So, there are all the premises to find a relationship that can combine love and passion, instinct and reason, and can make you understand that being a couple, or anyway showing your emotions, is much more pleasant than obsessively controlling everything around you.

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