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Sagittarius - The Year Ahead
You may consider your birthday as a watershed, though many things will change slowly and you may not spot the difference. With regard to 2012, the opposition of Jupiter and the beginning of the square of Neptune for the first decan have brought some periods of uncertainty, especially in summer, when you may have experienced a sense of dissatisfaction at work and some worries in your econ...
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Mars will be in a troublesome position in your fourth Solar House in Pisces from February 1 to mid March, while Mercury will be retrograde in the same sign until mid April, together with Venus and the Sun until March 20. This period may be more insidious for the first decan, because Mars (until mid February) and then the fast planets will rouse the delicate aspects of Neptune and Jupiter. Indeed, this planetary concentration may be annoying for all of you, especially in your relational sphere, since some family, sentimental or professional relationships may prove to be a bit limiting. To be precise, the difficult aspects won’t just indicate trouble; the square from the sign of Pisces will bring doubt, confusion, and vagueness in your way of perceiving others and perhaps in your attitude. For this reason, the sky may help you shed light on some problems, especially if your relationship is shaky or doesn’t lie on the solid foundations of common purposes, sincere feelings, motivation, enthusiasm and planning. So, if you are aware of this possibility, you will be able to resolve (or at least understand) some delicate issues with greater calm and a sense of responsibility. Actually, Mars may cause a tense atmosphere and may bring the risk of arguments, by urging you to take a stubborn or rigid attitude, thus hampering any mediation; so you may...
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The new year will begin in a lively and purposeful atmosphere, thanks to the harmonious sextile of Mars in Aquarius in the third Solar House (between late December 2012 and early February) as well as the support of the Sun and Mercury in the same position from January 20. Of course, you might not notice any extraordinary changes; however, you will feel purposeful, determined, confident about your future and pleasantly active on a social level. Indeed, new acquaintances will be stimulating and useful both at work and in your private sphere. Moreover, you will be open, brilliant and fascinating in your friendships. On a personal level, you will be able to begin a new course of study or cultivate some new exciting interests and hobbies, which may even change your scale of values. From March 12 to April 20, the powerful trine of Mars from the fifth Solar House in Aries will be particularly effective (because the planet will be transiting in the sign of its domicile). At that time, you will also benefit from the support of the Sun and Venus in the same sign from March 21, and this positive combination will favour the first decan in particular until the end of March, when all these planets will emphasise the trine of Uranus. The encouraging aspects from the fifth Solar House may indicate an effective plan for your work, thou...
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