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Your new astrological year begins with Jupiter in trine in the ninth field in Aries . At the moment he is still in the first decade and has begun the retrogradation that will lead him to re-enter Pisces between October 28th and December 20th; then it will definitively return to Aries and will give its trine to the first decade until February 20, to the second until April...
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During the autumn, the fast planets will transit together with the Sun in square in the fourth field in Scorpio : Venus from October 23 to November 16, Mercury from October 29 to November 17. It will be a somewhat challenging period for everyone, especially for the natives of the second decade (affected by the dissonances of Uranus and Saturn ). It may be that there are domestic or family problems to manage, which may add up to difficulties at work. For this you will feel stressed, a little discouraged, and inevitably you will also be more irritable with those around you, including your partner. Perhaps you will have the feeling that you are not understood or supported, but instead of speaking honestly about what is troubling you, making you nervous, and listening to the reasons of others with availability, you will tend to close yourself in your pride. Try to try harder, keep in mind that this unpleasant period will be relatively short but in the meantime you could inappropriately let off steam with those who have nothing to do with it ... without promoting the necessary clarifications with those involved. Another critical period will be in spring, with Mercury in the dissonant retrograde phase in the tenth field in Taurus , from 3 April to 11 June. Jupiter will also enter Taurus on May 16, involving the first decade. It is not certain t...
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Mercury will form a retrograde phase in harmonic sextile in the third field in Libra . During the retrogradation he will return to the second field , then he will give you his sextile in two phases: from August 26th to September 23rd, then from October 11th to 29th. This last period will be particularly positive, because from 29 September to 23 October the sextiles of Venus and the Sun will be added; meanwhile, Mars will also be in trine in the ninth field in Gemini . With these transits, the resumption of work after the summer will be facilitated by clear reasons and by an effective organization, moreover you will be able to make the most of working as a team, because the comparison with collaborators will be stimulating and fruitful. Your natural creativity will be able to suggest new projects, as well as original solutions for any problems. They will also be intense days for social relationships and especially for couples: dialogue and mediation skills will allow you to resolve past misunderstandings, while the sharing of leisure and interests will strengthen the bond. Fascinating singles, possible encounters… After having been in sextile in the sign of Gemini for a long time, Mars will be in neutral transit in early spring but will have time to pass through your sign from May 20th to July 10th. On June 5, Venus wil...
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