Love and relationships

By Lidia Fassio

Aries is the first sign, and, as such, it has inside energies that represent the strongest push towards action, initiative and personal assertion. Its planets Mars and Pluto indicate a kind of compulsion "to live", finding a space to make oneself visible and to grow in the world.

Aries carries with it the energies of Fire, which involves the need to "burn" everything intensely and quickly.
Obviously, this particular component, added to the fact that it is the sign that starts the cycle, makes it focus very much on itself, on its personal needs that are still not clear and definite.

Aries natives have aggressiveness, and undirected and untamed energy inside, and must learn to connect with themselves and the others, since their pushes are so strong that they can fall in love in a "destructive" way, finding it difficult, however, to acknowledge the others, their rights and even more to keep their level of tension stable, which always tends to swing between being too much or too little.

Their problems arise because they struggle to ration their energies, they lack patience and tact, they are not able to wait for things to happen and mature, learning to love others for what they are without expecting them to submit to their needs and volatility. In order to experience a fulfilling relationship, Aries must moderate their aggressiveness, learn to mediate and search for common ground, firstly finding a connection between their two sides.They also have to work on the sense of separation that they want, but that they cannot fully support within themselves, so they often end up wanting and not wanting something, and accusing others of preventing them from getting what they cannot reach.

In love, they are hot, passionate lovers, but they are also tyrannical with respect to what they want; they are stubborn, inconclusive and they find it very hard to mediate and come to "terms" with others; they are unstable and get easily bored, everything must always be explosive for them to feel good.
They have therefore a great need to learn to stay in a relationship and they are strongly attracted to "quiet" people who do not overreact to their intemperance and opinions, and who somehow can help them become a little more practical.

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