Zodiac Signs love compatibility

By Lidia Fassio

Compatibility with fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

It is a big struggle; they have both the same energy dynamics and thus they can both find themselves excited or worn out at the same time, without being able to put up with each other or control themselves. In fact, if they are both fired up, sparks fly from all sides and it feels like you are inside a blast furnace where everything might suddenly catch fire; if they both feel deflated, they become depressed, listless, and may end up getting more and more disheartened. Of course, in positive phases, they can be very dynamic and can galvanise each other; they can be united in their initiatives, in sport, they both love a dynamic life, but they have no patience, both can be touchy and clash on matters of principle and self-assertion without finding possible compromises. Love and war will be their relationship model: great passion, intense sexuality, excitement followed by quarrels that seem to bring them to the edge of a precipice, from which they re-emerge through reconciliations that, over time, become more and more frequent but also less easy and less exciting.

With Fire signs, the shadow is made of power; they fight to win, to get the upper hand, to assert themselves and not be defeated. This is very hard, because it makes it very difficult to approach each other, and, over time, disagreements and conflicts end up dominating. Besides, in power struggles, the only loser is the relationship.

Compatibility with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Their privileged projections fall on the Earth signs, who attract them because of their solidity, practicality, stamina and reliability, all characteristics that Aries natives definitely lack.

Undoubtedly the attraction is fatal; a strong compensatory bond is created between them, which initially is strongly stimulating and invigorating. The Earth waits, it is warm and sensual, it can enjoy things but it is stable and reassuring, and it does not allow itself to be dragged into Aries madness. On the contrary, it responds well on a practical level, and manage to put the flashes of inspiration of the burning Aries mind in order and make them fruitful.
Earth can also live without great passion, because it will be able to transform it into a strong and intense bond which will make Aries feel secure and reassured.

The projection is, however, ephemeral, since it has to be recovered and brought back to itself, and Aries needs to learn to internally develop the characteristics that they see in Earth; this will allow them to grow, avoiding being in contact with the shadow of Earth which they see as arid, dull, static, repetitive and boring, able to block and make their dreams and powerful imagination fruitless. Earth can in fact represent the "limit", if Aries natives do not find it inside themselves.

Otherwise, it will be an interesting union that will allow both to begin an evolutive path that will encourage Fire to work on the ability to master and better channel its energies without wasting them uselessly; on its part, Earth becomes more courageous and able to improvise to make life more exciting and mysterious, and also more capable of trusting its own intuition.

Compatibility with air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Fire and Air are elements that have the same energy characteristics: they are extrovert and hardly capable of processing things internally, driven towards the world and the future, with specific difficulties on an emotional level. Fire, because they cannot hold themselves back in any way and this causes them to blow up in all situations; Air, because they refuse and deny them,they rationalise them since they do not know how to handle them. This can make tension build up in the couple, since Air can easily fuel the Aries irrationality to the point of making it literally explode. They are in fact both unstable; apparently very different, but both over-excited, the former on an energy level and the latter on a nervous level. Of course, Aries feels attracted to the rational and communicative potential of Air, and Air can envy Fire for its physical energy and the vitality that it does not possess. However, the possibility of coming together still require to follow a path that helps both with their projections; in fact, Fire projects control onto Air and Air projects instability onto Fire; if they do not work on these, the dark side will inevitably take over, and Air will accuse Fire of being irrational, inconclusive, aggressive and primitive, without direction or sense. Fire on its part will see coldness, criticism, excessive rationality and a lack of vision and instinctiveness in Air, and it will label it as cruel, detached and sharp like a scalpel, as well as excessively organized.

The dark side in this combination can be connected to rationality: Aries is attracted to the huge potential of discrimination and disquisition of Air but they end up feeling overwhelmed, which can emphasise their inferiority complexes and insecurity. Whenever the shadow is not recognized and removed, Aries will fight against rationality and mental speculation which will be seen as manipulation, extreme detachment and utopia.

Compatibility with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

This combination is energetically complementary and both can find mutual support.
Water is a flexible, malleable and sensitive element, but can be easily hurt. It needs intimacy and closeness and cannot tolerate distance, exclusion and tactlessness, which is experienced as rejection. It is particularly connected to the past, strongly emotional, imaginative and sentimental. For Water, feelings are a privileged form of contact and understanding of the world and of others; nevertheless, Water is passive, lazy, not action-oriented, and it prefers to observe, feel and react instinctively; it can be completely caught off-guard by the great energy and vital force of Aries, to the point of feeling trapped.

The dynamics that can be activated in this couple concern excessive emotionalism, which make Water particularly reactive to the partnerís ups and downs; the difficulties with Aries instability and aggressiveness, which cause mood swings and can make Water break down and play the victim, but also hold its anger back for fear of losing the relationship. This attitude can, however, bring about demands and needs for manipulation which result in frustration and resentment leading to somatization and restricted freedom for both.

Aries can feel oppressed and project their own unacknowledged need for a relationship onto their partner, accusing them afterwards of restricting their freedom and using blackmail to make them stay.
Water can project the independence it has not experienced onto Aries, to the point that the other person is considered unreliable, distant and unable to be part of an intimate relationship.
Aries must consequently work on their emotions in order to know them and handle them without thinking that the other person is the one who triggers them and cause their reactions.

Without a doubt this can be a beautiful journey; however, for those who want to take the risk, the reward will be finding internal stability that will nurture and give sense to the most profound part of Aries soul, which is often entirely ignored.

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