The woman profile

By Lidia Fassio

The Aries woman possesses characteristics that, at first sight, seem to clash with the universally recognised feminine values. Actually, the natives of this sign have potential traits such as aggressiveness, impulsiveness, a need to act and to fight which must be dealt with along the path towards their self-fulfilment, which must be achievedby integrating this strong drive with feminine energies that cannot be sabotaged.

She is a woman who, if she does not understand the energies involved, can easily get imprisoned in lacerating dynamics which recall the ancient struggle between the masculine Martian values and the feminine passivity which however, in this case, get triggered against one other inside the psyche of our heroine.

In fact, this woman is usually dominated by the masculine energy, and in her mission, she will have to solve this issue by integrating these two parts without sacrificing either of them. She usually grows up in a family where the feminine values are underestimated, and therefore, for this girl the masculine role is certainly more interesting, that is why her feminine side is always a bit neglected, at least in the first part of her life.
Here contradictions arise between the need to express the characteristics of action, direction and above all a strong volatility, and the need to express those feminine values that are acceptance and nurturance, a sense of continuity and of being rooted that can allow the renewal of life.

This is why it is important for the Aries woman to understand that, inside of her, strength and courage can express themselves even in a less masculine way; they can be activated by fighting for a good cause, promoting social events where they can stand up for people in need, or by helping women find their strength. There are women with the Sun in Aries who hold "self-defence" courses for those who must learn to defend themselves and use their strength; other women fight to defend the rights of children, the elderly or other social groups.

In this way, the strong values that this woman possesses can become more feminine qualities like empathy and acceptance, which belong to her and every woman should develop inside. However, she has to use her strong masculine energy as well, which, if not channelled properly, would end up becoming negative for the woman herself.

The important thing for this type of woman is to get rid of the unconscious identification that she has with the masculine world and with strength and power, because otherwise she will give up her ability to connect with herself and the outside world, ending up becoming a victim of what she has desperately tried to suppress.

The woman who does not experience her "Eros - feeling" nature ends up getting trapped into her rage and destructiveness, which make her gradually become more and more protective and rigid like the Amazons, mythical creatures who symbolically had a breast amputated to be able to draw arrows like men, an obvious reference to the removal of the ability to nurture and make grow, which makes the feminine energy noble and irreplaceable.

The Aries woman must take care of her "vulnerable" side, which is the emotional, childish and fragile one. Only then the transformation will happen and the feminine energies will flow again and give our heroine that creativity, passion and receptiveness that will support her strength and courage.

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