Your dark side

Dear Aries, like the animal that represents you, you are impulsive and courageous. You always tackle things face on and do not back away from anything. I have always taken you as an example of courage, which you demonstrate in all situations. Do you remember the time when you defended me from attack, with a drawn sword, and risking grave personal injury? You have become my hero. You started your own business and made it a success through your own hard work. Bravo. There is just one thing however, dear friend, that I don't understand; a side of you that is not as nice. Why, now that you are a successful entrepreneur, do you behave in that way towards your employees? Was it really necessary to humiliate your secretary because she couldn't find that document? Why did you berate the foreman when he did not have the order that you had demanded? At times you become dictatorial insisting that everyone must do their duty perfectly, but you are inconsistent, my friend. You did not behave in this way with the director of the bank when you wanted financing. Two weights, two measures? Try to realize that not everyone in the world is trying to cheat you, that others are not necessarily enemies and that everyone makes mistakes, including you.

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