The man profile

By Lidia Fassio

The natives of this sign have the qualities that, in our culture, are defined as "masculine”. In fact, they have a strong energy which is quickly turned on, and each Aries man has the mind of a warrior, able to defend and to attack, easily subject to positive and negative impulses, able to react instinctively to any stimulation.
The conquest is thus an integral part of any man who has these values; however, the conquest is not enough because each person needs to be able to enjoy it, and therefore, it is necessary to have stability, to bring something strongly combustible to a stage where it could be used; whether it’s about territorial, professional or romantic conquest, it is important to be able to see its benefits. Here is where the problems arise, because this type of energy struggles to stay stable: its real push is at the beginning, when things are generated… afterwards, Aries seems totally disinterested in what happens, because the energy declines and it won’t turn on again until a new possibility of conquest.

Often, things begin to be transformed when one begins to see the limit of this behaviour, and it is then that there will be strong possibilities of being able to transform this immense potential into a great creative work: the self.

The Aries man is, above all when young, easily prey to his rage: he really has a very short fuse and often does not manage to control the situations that he deals with and ends up having bursts of rage that are immature and partial ways to work things out. Behind this powerful anger there is always a strong need to be accepted and to show his worth. This is his deepest nightmare: he is afraid of being pushed into a corner, above all on a dialectic level, and since he is not able to handle his limits, he reacts by attacking, thinking in this way to come out winning.

In fact, his anger is the first stage of growth, but if it does not evolve it will end up destroying everything it touches and also what the person is; moreover, over time it will block communication and interaction with others.The anger is used to create differentiation and distance, and therefore the Aries natives are often fiercely afraid of being sucked into an undifferentiated state, so they immediately detach themselves by expressing anger.

Being the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, is also the closest to the sphere of instinctive drives: anger is the most intense and strongest emotion, also because its purpose is to protect us from something, to defend our vital space and identity: however, anger, if not processed, tends to "escalate", and at its apex it can result in aggressive and self-destructive behaviour. It is often said that anger "blinds", and the Aries man has been blinded many times by anger. Anger interrupts the circuits of rational thought, and consequently the person gets trapped inside, and is not able to exactly assess the ongoing situation.

The Aries man thus has a great need to connect with the opposite sign, Libra, through which he can learn to mediate and take some breaks which can put him in contact with his rational thought again, the only one that manages to “cool him down”.
Anger can help change reality, and has to do with the need to "make something happen" in the world (if we did not manage to make something happen we would feel powerless), but it cannot and must not take the reins, because it would end up devastating our world. When the Aries native has learnt to get in contact with this type of energy and to control it, his conquest will then become a precious value that will give his life a sense and purpose, something he will finally be able to fully enjoy.

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