The Psychological Sign Profile

By Lidia Fassio

Aries starts the Zodiac wheel, which is why it contains powerful, intense but still primitive and raw energies.
Its glyph has the symbol of "two horns" of a ram, or alternatively, of the head of the ram, which reminds us of the way it fights and defends itself: with its head and horns. In fact, “to butt heads” is a common saying.
Actually, Aries natives tend to butt heads very frequently, at least in the early part of their lives, until they begin to understand that fighting is not enough, and a strategy is also required.

It is a masculine sign, ruled by Mars and Pluto and belonging to the Fire element, with an overbearing Yang energy; it is full of passion, drive and impulsiveness, which often shows through a high level of aggressiveness. They are endowed with courage, recklessness, and the ability to start all over again, once, ten, a hundred times. They are loyal and direct, but incredibly unable to hold themselves back and to properly direct their thoughts.

Aries symbolically represents "birth" and reminds us that we enter life head on, which is exactly the way that Aries natives deal with situations and experiences.
Energy is extremely concentrated in this sign, to the point that it seems impossible to hold it back in any situation. It seems a kind of "big bang", the big explosion that gave birth to the universe and made life possible. Aries people are strongly vital and they constantly remind us that life is a huge drive that cannot be stopped and that pushes to move forward, in every way.

The project of these natives has to do with a great need to transform this burning, reckless fire, which can explode, destroy and burn down everything around it, into a constructive fire, able to make whatever it touches fertile because it does not burn indiscriminately, but on the contrary, gives life and warmth.

In the first part of their life, Aries people tend to live intensely, rush into things and deal with situations head on; everything seems a matter of life or death, there is no time to waste in waiting, everything must be enjoyed quickly without thinking of the right time to make things develop and mature naturally.
So, these young heroes seem to live within a whirlwind, which they find it difficult to get out of, and as long as they remain imprisoned in this energy delirium, they cannot dominate their drives, and, as a result, they do not manage to act but only to "react”. They seem to be very volatile, but actually, they need to gain the ability to act consciously. They do not direct things, they are directed. They do not trigger situations, but are triggered by them, and due to their short fuse, they react without ever using a strategy and without dwelling on the possible consequences of their behaviour. It is as if they had to attack life and the world: they never seem to have enough space for their personality and have to try to impose it somehow.

The first big changes happen around 30 years of age, when Saturn begins to make them accountable for what has been done, and force the natives to deal with what they wanted to achieve.
Aries needs therefore direction and guidance: their problem always concerns facing/clashing with the authority which they strongly need but they do not want to acknowledge because they are afraid of being subdued.
The unresolved matters are almost always connected to the struggle with the father figure. They have to understand that the authority must come from the inside, otherwise, they will never be mature and will keep on fighting on the outside what they cannot handle inside.
Only when they begin to pursue self-discipline, they will begin to master their energy and will manage to channel it into the direction they will have chosen for their life.

Aries people start their mission when they can choose how to use, when to use, and how intensely to use their energy. As soon as they know their strength and know how much of that must be put into the current situation, they will feel confident and will be able to leave the suspiciousness and the distrust behind that made them unstable in the first part of their journey.
Only when the “Ego” begins to exercise its conscious will, Aries will become the CHIEF they are born to be and that is so inspiring. The life of each Aries must have a reason, a cause: only then they will focus on achievement and won’t lose sight of their goal.

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