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This number is an aspect of the unchangeable numerology cards, therefore it is very important. The Birth Path is defined the moment in which existence is introduced and indicates your characteristics, qualities and attitude towards the world; in other words, a well established path, which is not possible to change. Man, however, has a wonderful opportunity called "free will" that lets him face the path by establishing how he moves inside it, so he can gauge his behaviour. Therefore, there is no need to be discouraged by finding out the negative sides of the path, but it is necessary to face them with the consciousness that they will be overcome or removed by working on oneself, by changing personal predisposition. Numerology, like astrology, lets us know and realise our own personal powers. The Birth Path is the sum of all numbers in your date of birth.

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It is the path that guides towards a life of inner consciousness and of independence.
Path 7 favours social or spiritual activity and everything related to analysis and research; it symbolises a desire for independence and most of the time signals an original path, with fulfilment not focused on the material aspect.
Meticulous by nature, he aims to analyse everything. In whatever field he decides to work in, he will certainly be considered an expert due to his natural ability to relate facts and situations.
Also in the path relating to sentimental life, he tends to keep his independence within the couple and if he has to choose between a road that leads to a gratifying relationship and another that leads to the expression and implementation of his own ideas, he prefers the latter. It is really difficult for him to be influenced by his sentiments, unless he meets a 3, 5 or 6, in which cases he might give in!
He might also choose a particular path and not share it with anybody, spending his own life alone, perhaps pushed by a personal purpose that leads him to be isolated from the rest of the world.
In any case, being a very intelligent person, he will manage to live each type of experience with great serenity, even the difficult ones, which he will encounter along his journey.
Unfortunately the first part of his path will not be easy, mostly due to the material aspect; in fact, earnings will arrive in the second lifecycle, or even in the long term; even if money is not the most important thing among the thoughts of number seven, this impossibility of counting on material certainties might in the long term make him seriously anxious and instil a sensation of continuous precariousness in him.
The abilities to be developed to best cover this path are: interest in people, being sensible, reflection, a love of knowledge, commitment and providing for one’s soul so personal goals are not dictated by material, but spiritual, interests.
It is a difficult path for the people who have 7 as the missing number and for Personality Numbers 8, 11 and 22.
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