Karmic Astrology

Transits of the Lunar Nodes in the houses
Transits of lunar nodes in the natal houses are very interesting because they lead the individual to experiment and face what is blocked

The Transits of the Moon Nodes and destinic events
The axis of the lunar nodes is in almost perennial retrograde movement and takes about 18/19 years to complete the entire Zodiac, opening us to experiences left open.

The karmic and evolutive potential of Uranus - part 2
During its transits Uranus very often has the strongest power to remove the weight of past experiences which it has already faced and that are only waiting to be taken away

The karmic and evolutive potential of Uranus - part 1
Uranus is a planet that very often reserves real surprises even for the most expert astrologer, since it makes us face facts that can be sensational

Saturn: Lord of Karma 3 part
The Saturn cycle lasts about 29 years, or the time that it takes to return to its natal position, therefore about every 7 years Saturn forms a dissonant aspect, which in karmic, evolutive and psychological astrology has a remarkable value

Saturn: Lord of Karma 2 part
In karmic astrology, as stated in the previous article, Saturn has a remarkable value, since it is the planet that more than any other puts one into contact with those experiences that in one way or another are connected to the experience of the pain

Mercury and his karmic and evolutive valence - 3 part
Up to now we have seen the transits of Chiron and Uranus in aspect to the Radical mercury, while in this new article we go deeper into those of Neptune

Mercury and its karmic and evolutive valence - part 2
To understand what can activate Mercury in its karmic, and especially dharmic, evolutive, valence, comes to us from the analysis of the transits on its natal position, and specifically from those of Chiron and Uranus

Mercury and its karmic and evolutive valence - 1 part
Mercury is a very important planet in the karmic-evolutive analysis of the natal chart because it provides indications about our possibility of integrating the contents of the past with those of the present time into a future perspective

Is Saturn the lord of Karma?
It has by now been ascertained that Saturn is the planet that is the master of Karma, the one which more than each other puts us in contact with everything that we did in our the past existence and which we have to deal with. But is this really so?

Venus and its importance in the affective problems inherited from past lives third part
Those who have this aspect in their natal chart are certainly able to create great destiny events relative to affectivity, as much for himself/herself as for the person who becomes part of his/her life

Venus and its importance in the affective problems inherited from past lives second part
The aspect which Venus retrograde forms with Neptune is very important in revealing the dynamics and the inherent problems in the ability of an individual to idealise a relationship

Venus and its importance in the affective problems inherited from past lives - first part
In karmic astrology Venus possesses an added value since it helps to lighten all the dynamics that we have inherited from our past existence

The karmic meaning of the Moon
The Moon in a specific way, at a karmic level, presides over all the experiences that we have accumulated in previous lives which had a strong the emotional impact

Chiron and its journey from Karma to Dharna
Chiron helps us have the type of experiences that can help us to change our perspective of things, to modify attitudes, conditioning, habits that prevent us from continuing our psychological, spiritual and transpersonal growth

Introduction to Karmic astrology
For the western mentality the concepts of reincarnation and Karma tied to previous lives have assumed a meaning which sounds exotically fascinating, that is far away from what these concepts actually mean.

Karmic Astrology
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