World Forecast 2022

A reading of the main transits for 2022
An overview of the main tendencies and themes in the political, economic and social spheres.

By Paolo Crimaldi

Fortunately, 2022 won’t be as heavy as the previous two years: a series of situations will be slowly worked out, leading to greater social balance and stability.

The year begins with a long transit of Venus in the sign of Capricorn, well supported by Mars from January 24th. Towards the end of February and the beginning of March, both planets will join Pluto and will receive the positive trine of the North Node in Taurus, which may hopefully lead to a general political solution to the COVID-19 problem, as well as to several other economic and social problems overshadowed by the pandemic.

From a political point of view, alliances and organizations could be created, based more on a practical, common economic purpose than on shared ideals and beliefs.

At the beginning of the year, especially in January, Saturn squaring Uranus may affect the relationships with the countries of the Middle East, leading to new economic partnerships particularly with the Maghreb, from which requests of help may come, and with the Arabian Peninsula. A pandemic emergency may also affect central Africa.

In the month of April, precisely between April 8th and 16th, Jupiter will form a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. This planetary event is connected to spirituality, idealism, deep empathy and openness towards one another, even more so since it will also be supported by the transit of Venus and Mars in Pisces, and will trigger the willingness to help those in need. An emergency may also arise related to environmental problems concerning water, or accidents may occur related to gas or other chemical substances. However, this scenario is only hypothetical, and the conjunction may just lead to problems linked to climatic effects such as extreme weather events and rainfall.

In any case, on a positive note, this planetary dynamic will show its effects on a collective level in terms of greater participation and collective empathy, pushing people to take concrete action. Jupiter entering Aries on May 10th, and joining Chiron, may give the green light to some large-scale humanitarian projects, which, however, will definitively take off in 2023. However, attention should be paid in order to avoid turning everything into an illusion or just into something beautiful in purpose but not very achievable in practice.

In August, the tight conjunction of Uranus and the North Node could lead to the definitive dissolution of most of the restrictions connected to the pandemic and to a more optimistic view of the future.

However, the last square, even though not so tight, between Uranus and Saturn in October, should not be underestimated, since it could reactivate frictions, worries, and some undemocratic political moves on an international level. However, it will just be the last residual effect of a heavy time that will come to an end and will give way to a promising 2023.

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