World Forecast 2021

A reading of the main transits for 2021
An overview of the main tendencies and themes in the political, economic and social spheres.

By Paolo Crimaldi

2021, especially the first part, does not look like a better year than the past one, due to a series of planetary dynamics that will probably "help" change many things that have become too rigid, blocking a renewal that may not be radical, but certainly deep and closer to a new sensitivity that will be manifesting itself also following the totally new and unimaginable experience of Covid-19.

Between the end of January and the middle of February, Uranus and Mars from Taurus will square Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, triggering strong tensions that can result in conflicts, including social ones, that may end up questioning ideologies and rules that will probably be no longer perceived as reliable and effective.

Actually, it won’t be a real need to know the truth but to subvert a system, a structure whose communicative ambiguity has unconsciously generated such obsessions, anxieties and overthinking that can be no longer tolerated.

The most critical time of all will be the last week of January, and more precisely from 24th to 31st, when especially strong tensions are likely to arise and affect both finance and economy. The financial market related to the IT and / or real estate sector may undergo a crisis, while the price of gold and precious metals in general may rise.

During the same period, considering that Mercury will also be in Aquarius, all forms of communication through electronic devices may suffer difficulties or fake information may turn into a sort of Trojan horse and spread worldwide, generating outbreaks of conflict in various parts of the world, starting with the USA, which are symbolically under the direct dominion of Aquarius (although the Country is ruled by Cancer).

A government crisis in Italy is possible, even though it is more likely to occur at the beginning of summer, but the first hints can certainly be seen in this period.
I believe that, once this remarkably critical time is over, the other difficult times throughout the year will not be as powerful as this one at the beginning of 2021, and, all in all, they will be a direct consequence of it.

The second period of tension will be between late spring and early summer, in the months of June and the first part of July, when the planetary dynamic similar to that of January will partially reform. Some political alliances, both national (as regards Italy) and international (especially in the Middle East area) are very likely to break up, generating a climate of instability and anxiety that will affect the economic sectors, especially those related to luxury, tourism and entertainment.

A time of slow (and lazy) recovery will then follow, which will surely lead, also thanks to new internal political strategies, to greater autonomy and the loss of trust in community and transnational models. Some political and economic treaties and agreements may even be renegotiated, without bringing the countries involved to their knees financially, but on the contrary, stimulating their positive recovery.
In the case of Italy, it may be about the establishment of a new government, or of a technical one, or in any case about a reshuffle that could also see the temporary, if not definitive, exit of some people from the political scene, who seemed to be invulnerable and untouchable just a few moments before.

The beginning of autumn will mark the turning point for an authentic recovery, when alliances and agreements will change again, even though often from a perspective that is more inspired by individualistic reasons than community ones. There will be an economic recovery starting from those sectors that suffered the most in the first part of the year and not so much thanks to government support, but to a rediscovered old lifestyle that will lead, although gradually, to resume the habits that had necessarily had to be left behind.

Another turbulent time will be the month of November, when Mercury and Mars in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus and squaring Saturn in Aquarius may rekindle political and financial tensions and generate such concerns that will end up specifically affecting financial markets and stock exchanges.

However, the year will end with rosy expectations for the following one and likely to show a completely different geopolitical and economic structure, which may lead to a recovery that will finally allow greater social equity for all.

It will surely be quite a hard year, at times even heavy, but perhaps necessary to get out of an insubstantial bubble of false certainties and securities that, with or without Covid-19, would still have led to a systemic crisis.

You are probably wondering: why don’t they tell us about Covid-19, about how it will all turn out in the end? Because I think we will get rid of it gradually, not before midsummer 2021 (after Saturn and Uranus will no longer be tightly squaring each other) and certainly not thanks to a vaccine, but probably because of the decrease of viral load and of treatments that will surely reduce mortality.

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