Generally the position of the Sun in the tenth SR house is an excellent position, obviously as long as there are no strong values of the first, sixth or twelfth house; in this case it is advisable to abandon this beautiful position of the Sun to remove any planets in the aforementioned positions. However, generally with the SR Sun in the tenth house you are about to experience a very important year: awards, satisfaction, recognition, professional advancements, marriage and other things will again be the leitmotiv of these twelve months. Improvement and emancipation are the key words for this year: those of you who have never learned to swim, learn now even at sixty years of age, or at the same age you can finally get over your fear of flying. For those of you who have been suffering from an illness for a long time that no amount of care has been able to cure: this is the right year to cure it! Get going and the positive results for everyone will not be lacking!


Your ambition increases even if this does not always give practical results. Your relationship with your mother intensifies which, in a year intercepted by the position of the Moon in your tenth SR house, might become considerably important. Ups and downs for all that concern your motherís health. A sudden moment of popularity or at least significant visibility in your job and again ups and downs in prestige relative to this; mutability and instability at work, with possible little and unexpected changes in that regard, especially if you are a freelance professional. You will lose an important client and an unexpected client instead gets in contact with you.

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