Generally the position of the Sun in the tenth SR house is an excellent position, obviously as long as there are no strong values of the first, sixth or twelfth house; in this case it is advisable to abandon this beautiful position of the Sun to remove any planets in the aforementioned positions. However, generally with the SR Sun in the tenth house you are about to experience a very important year: awards, satisfaction, recognition, professional advancements, marriage and other things will again be the leitmotiv of these twelve months. Improvement and emancipation are the key words for this year: those of you who have never learned to swim, learn now even at sixty years of age, or at the same age you can finally get over your fear of flying. For those of you who have been suffering from an illness for a long time that no amount of care has been able to cure: this is the right year to cure it! Get going and the positive results for everyone will not be lacking!


Your ambition increases even if this does not always give practical results. Your relationship with your mother intensifies which, in a year intercepted by the position of the Moon in your tenth SR house, might become considerably important. Ups and downs for all that concern your motherís health. A sudden moment of popularity or at least significant visibility in your job and again ups and downs in prestige relative to this; mutability and instability at work, with possible little and unexpected changes in that regard, especially if you are a freelance professional. You will lose an important client and an unexpected client instead gets in contact with you.


Possibly an increase in exchanging ideas with your mother but also more frequent movement for her, for example because of a new activity she is involved in. There will also be more frequent movements by you to go and see your mother. Your professional growth and your social prestige are favoured by your ideas, which in this case we can define as being remarkably "brilliant": contracts, written documents, communications and work transactions are your ace-in-the-hole with this Mercury position. Your brother or cousin or uncle or brother-in-law might suddenly "receive" a little blow in terms of popularity.


With Venus in the tenth SR house a period of professional expansion opens for you which is certainly better than anything you can remember. It is a really a good position for work, and to obtain recognition from a financial standpoint and from development and attaining a higher position at work (you will be entrusted with a position which is more prestigious and has more responsibility). Venus in the tenth house will also give you the possibility of doing things you like at work or in any case of having the opportunity to gain recognition thanks to work which is the fruit of your talent. Your relationship with your mother improves, who may even have some satisfactions with sentimental relationships.


You will spend a great deal of your efforts to assert yourself and for your development, above all in professional terms: but your path will have a number of obstacles. Profuse commitment and effort to free yourself, or in any case, to get out of a situation that "forces" you to be financially dependent or afflicted by a difficult romantic relationship. Mars will get you running on all cylinders to rid yourself of your "chains". However, this Mars position may also mean a danger of scandals that tarnish your image before public opinion (just think of the community where you live), or there may be conflicts at work caused by adversaries who are aggressive to you, or your superior may refuse give you the promotion you have been waiting such a long time for.


Jupiter in the tenth SR house almost always means a very positive turning point in professional terms or at the very least it tells you about your development - emancipation in that field but also in others. You will be conscious of your potential and you will do everything you can for social advancement: from a position of prestige you will attain in the profession that you are already involved in, to an important public appointment. From the diploma you so desired to overcome the fear of flying, it will concern finally overcoming a big obstacle. Jupiter in this position also tells you of how you are seen by others in society and of your reputation compared to others. Your mother "comes out" after a difficult period or she has resurgence from a professional and / or sentimental point of view.


Saturn in your tenth SR house may represent a rather arduous period that is difficult for your profession, your independence from others, and in general your emancipation. It is possible that you will go through a period of unpopularity, or in any case that your reputation in the community in which you live receives a significant blow as a consequence of a personal matter (often about scandals). There will also be talk of your refusal of an important assignment, of early retirement, of your obligatory resignation, or in any case something that will force you to abandon your job. Privileges that you had at work will be taken away from you. Your mother may not be well or your relationship with her may worsen.


The course of your life may change quite radically in your social and professional emancipation: a change of job, which you want or have to put up with. New circumstances you now face from now on when carrying out your work, and again your profession takes an unexpected turn that will bring you favourable new opportunities. The relationship between you and your mother changes: you feel an impulse to becoming independent from her because inside you the push for freedom and independence is very strong. It may instead concern a voluntary distancing by your mother or a momentary break-down in your relationship with her.


You will try to direct your future career according to your aspirations but it will be difficult for you to succeed in this enterprise Ö on the contrary significant worries will be frequent in relation to the loss of your job or your personal prestige with a consequent "fall" from positions you previously attained. Suddenly and unexpectedly you may approach religious contexts or relative associations, for financial and commercial reasons. You will tend to idealise your mother or your relationship with her, with probable consequent disappointment on her part in relation to you. It is also possible that she will temporarily distance herself (for example because of a temporary move) from your life.


In this position, Pluto essentially tells you about two things: you and your mother. As far as you are concerned, the ruler of Scorpio may help you professionally in a very important way with a prestige position or appointment assigned to you or a promotion you have long been waiting for, or even simply a considerable increase in salary. However, at the same time this planet may also symbolise the contrary, in other words a fall in prestige (following a scandal related to money and / or sex or both). Your mother may be going through a difficult period from a psychological point of view due to sudden neuroses and or obsessions, and you may decide get her away from you momentarily.


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