A year with the Sun in this position generally does not appear to be an easy one: it is better to avoid it, especially if your health is not good. Eat properly and absolutely avoid excesses and / or abuses in general (alcohol, drugs, coffee) and lead a life that is as regular as possible. It is, in any case, your health (yours or that of your spouse) that comes about in a year intercepted by the Sun in sixth SR house, so do not avoid medical tests and periodic check-ups. Niggling problems and difficulties at work. It is possible that you will be moved to a new job or "forced" to change your duties in your current job. Possible misunderstandings and / or arguments with some your collaborators or with them trying to fool you (tricks, thefts, or in any case, probable cheating to your detriment).


You will tend to be interested in details, to small things, in other words to daily activities and probably your work environment will capture attention and / or efforts more than usual. This may also mean a job to be done in your home. Highs and lows in your work relationships and with your employees, colleagues and / or domestic collaborators, or also simply with the porter of the apartment block you live in. This position of the Moon in the sixth SR house can also express itself with a higher level of interest in health (yours or of other) and for everything to do with aesthetic treatments; in general greater attention or interest in the medical field.

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