With the Sun in the seventh house most of your year is played between you and others: marriage and / or, work associations or business matters that are realised but also those which dissolve. It will be the position of other planets and the contemporaneity of the transit of the slow moving planets in aspect with your natal planets to make clear in how you have to interpret this Sun in the seventh SR house. Also be careful about possible aggression from others, where it is not you who "provokes" others. Possible arrival of legal papers or of one or more controls from the tax police. Suddenly you have a desire to do some active voluntary service, also involving people close to you, or you might decide to join a religious group.


The SR chart of a male may indicate his wife, partner or business partner while the SR chart of a woman indicates the importance of her life as a wife, partner or business partner. Relationships with others increase but so too does the fear of loneliness. The need for harmony is important. There will probably be a breakdown in an association or relationship for your mother. At times there will also be worries or little anxieties alternated with periods of greater certainty, tied to problems of a legal nature (suspended cases, proceedings and so on). Your relationship or relations with your partner are slightly subject to ups and downs as required by the position of the Moon in the seventh SR house.


The drawing up of one or more contracts and the signing of them; from marriage to partnerships. Frequent discussions with your partner for a simple comparison of ideas or for more "substantial" reasons (children, projects regarding your life and so on), or your partner makes frequent trips for work or you will go on more journeys with them. A possible sentimental encounter with a younger person. There will also be an increase in relationships with others although there is a risk of certain superficiality; others will be more interested in you than before, and there will be numerous contacts that can evolve in a number of directions.


In the seventh SR house Venus protects all kinds of relationships: from romantic to business relationships, to marriage. Thus, expect some of these things when you are about to experience twelve months intercepted by this position of Venus. You will be continuously searching for relationships with others based on harmony and agreement and you will receive the same "feeling" from others; for those of you whose relationship with your partners are currently rocky there are good possibilities coming up for a reconciliation. Venus is also beneficial for legal matters: issues that seemed "shaky" are instead resolved in your favour, and the same applies if you intend to start legal actions against third parties.


Quarrels and / or problems with others. This is what Mars usually has in store for you in the seventh SR house; our neighbours are meant to have a "wide" definition here: from your spouse to your business partner, the issues and misunderstandings may be daily occurrences. Arguments can also extend to your neighbours, to the concierge of your apartment block and so on. Probable legal papers that are sent to you or vice versa (you sending them to others). Possible problems with the law or sudden visit of the finance police or big fines or severe sanctions. In some extreme cases, there will be a danger of physical aggression from third parties.


An ambivalent position for Jupiter: it is a good position, for example, for those looking for stability in terms of a relationship, and those who need to resolve a legal dispute. It is also particularly good for couples to “make up”. At the same time however, for those of you who are having a quiet time in relation to the aspects mentioned above, the planet of fortune may act in the opposite way, in other words causing considerable difficulty in an important relationship and even leading to a separation, creating annoying situations and / or problems with the law, perhaps with the overturning of a legal decision that seemed to be definite, or making an the authorities carry out an audit that can cause you serious problems, and in rare cases, even putting safety at risk in relation to aggression by others.


With Saturn in the seventh house difficulties appear in the relationships between you and others. From your partner to your business partner, the quality of your way of communicating with them will change and in some cases even cease completely, with the possible consequent interruption or end of your relationships with them. Sometimes, however, this Saturn position tells us about a time of crisis for your spouse or business partner. Saturn in the house of justice unfortunately also tells us about your possible legal problems, about incrimination from the judiciary, lost law suits, inspections by the police and in the most severe cases of actual convictions.


Your relationships with others will be transformed, with a drastic change in the way of managing them, both in relation to your partner and your business partner. There will be changes you will suffer from others, your marriage or a sudden union, just as there will be arguments, break-ups and / or separation in your love life and at work. Sudden unexpected changes and turn-arounds in the legal field. If you are currently in litigation it could be resolved quickly and also in your favour, just as if currently there is nothing of the kind going on then the papers of proceedings could arrive very unexpectedly. A possible "impetuous" joining of a humanitarian association and / or of voluntary service.


A neurotic relationship with your partner, characterised by inexplicable incomprehension or "subtle" unease that affects your life as a couple, or again a stressful period for your partner. If instead you are about to start up a company in the twelve months characterised by the presence of Neptune in the seventh house, be careful about what you sign: you may run the risk of being conned and of suffering the consequences of unpleasantness. In any case in general, apart from the companies, anyone who is about to sign any kind of agreement with this position of Neptune in the twelve months to come, should examine it very attentively, clause by clause. Fears or anguishes because of legal matters where it is not clear where they may lead you or how they will turn out.


You will face a true turning point in your life (or you may even “undergo it”). The same applies to your partner, spouse or business partner. The way you behave towards one another will change in general between you and others. For some of you marriage will also be possible, or for others there may be the formation of a company, (always also keep an eye on the positions of the other planets in the SR Houses). Separations, divorces and / or society related breakdowns may occur. Legal problems, legal proceedings and – in some sporadic extreme cases – involvement in illegal and / or criminal acts that may involve you or joined close relation and / or business partner.


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