With the Sun in the seventh house most of your year is played between you and others: marriage and / or, work associations or business matters that are realised but also those which dissolve. It will be the position of other planets and the contemporaneity of the transit of the slow moving planets in aspect with your natal planets to make clear in how you have to interpret this Sun in the seventh SR house. Also be careful about possible aggression from others, where it is not you who "provokes" others. Possible arrival of legal papers or of one or more controls from the tax police. Suddenly you have a desire to do some active voluntary service, also involving people close to you, or you might decide to join a religious group.


The SR chart of a male may indicate his wife, partner or business partner while the SR chart of a woman indicates the importance of her life as a wife, partner or business partner. Relationships with others increase but so too does the fear of loneliness. The need for harmony is important. There will probably be a breakdown in an association or relationship for your mother. At times there will also be worries or little anxieties alternated with periods of greater certainty, tied to problems of a legal nature (suspended cases, proceedings and so on). Your relationship or relations with your partner are slightly subject to ups and downs as required by the position of the Moon in the seventh SR house.

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