Faraway places and distant journeys capture your attention in a year with the Sun is in ninth SR house. You improve relationships (letters, friendships, sentimental or business relationships) with a foreign person. You will read more books in a foreign language or that are about distant countries and long journeys. Your interest will be raised (or will be renewed) in one or more sporting activities, you will increase the amount of sport you do. The same thing applies to everything concerning written material and / or publishing. If you have a project in the drawer, take it out now: not only might it see the light of day but also be very much appreciated, especially abroad! Strong urges also in a religious sense and in some cases real mystic crises. Be careful when driving (your driving and that of others) cars, motorbikes or bicycles.


In the twelve months in which the Moon is placed in the ninth SR house, your desire to escape, to "run away”, to travel or at least to escape through imaginary faraway worlds will increase. It will most probably be a year of openness and / or possibilities in this sense (especially as far as journeys are concerned). You will be attracted to anything that is foreign or exotic. Your interest for astrology, philosophy, theology, alternative medicines and esotericism will increase. For people who have a strong spirituality this position of the Moon can mean soul searching for new and unexplored interior horizons.

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