Your children are the focal point with the Sun in fifth SR house: the arrival of a new born for those who do not have children but also more or less passing misunderstandings with them or again some anxiety and / or problems from a particularly turbulent child or children who frequent others that you do not like. And what about love? Coming to those who are looking for but also for those who already have it (possible extramarital relationship). You feel more inclined to let your emotions get the better of you, and at times you risk being imprudent; so be careful not to ”leap before you look” in any situation! For those of you involved in politics it may mean also the formation of a new political movement. Your desire for entertainment and relaxation in your leisure time increases.


Your sentimental life becomes very important. The Moon in this SR sector increases your desire to love and to be loved. It increases your comprehension ability in relation to others and especially for everything has to do with the nuances and sentimental concerns (meaning your love life). For those of you with creative talents and for artists it is an important position for "creating" works, or an idea that will prove to be fruitful. The situation regarding your children’s education goes a little up and down, or also the health of your children; your desire for hobbies and leisure time increases: you will probably go to the cinema or to theatre more often.


Relationships with your children, especially with the firstborn, are central to your life in the next twelve months. You will be absorbed by them or, in any case, you will decide to dedicate more time to them, in terms of their studies and leisure time. It will be also probable that with Mercury in fifth house of SR your son will move around a lot during the year. If you have creative talents this year you will have a greater chance that your work (any kind of creative work) may really see the light of day. Your love life is also not a negligible issue and it will be very easy for men and women who are still single that there may be an interesting encounter with a younger person.


Love for your loved one, love for your children, love for life itself, and love for the artistic creations … love in all its aspects. Venus can give you such a lot of beautiful things when it is positioned in the fifth house of SR! This is why falling in love will happen or a relationship that is already underway may be further strengthened. There is also good news for your children, with their academic performance but also their health. In general your relationships with your children will improve. Your desire for relaxation, recreation, and having fun will also increase. Thus, you will go to the cinema more, as well as the theatre, concerts or will dedicate more time to your hobbies: from gardening to knitting, card games to discos, you can choose whatever you want.


A lively love life: the twelve months intercepted by this Mars position tells us about romantic issues: a lively love affair marked by frequent arguments that test the stability of a relationship; love sickness, a tumultuous relationship reaches its end and probably a new relationship starts. A position that is a bit "ambiguous" for pregnant women: in some cases there are difficult pregnancies and rarely – but sometimes it can happen – Mars in this position can signal an abortion risk. You will to exercise a certain amount of authority over your children, or there may be educational problems with them or more or less severe conflicts with your children, who during the year may be the focal point of the family’s attention, and consequently their conduct (bad grades at school, bad circles of friends, and so on).


An “explosive” position for the planet of Great Fortune: love and children are the main focus of your next twelve months! In fact, Jupiter in the fifth SR house favours romantic meetings in general and the patching up of problems between couples. Also, your children will go through a favourable moment and the quality of your relationships with them will certainly improve. At times this is the position that indicates that one of your children is recovering from a difficult period in his/her life. If instead you do not have children yet well … try a little harder: this is the year to which a baby may finally arrive! Also, in this year you will certainly have more fun: from concerts to video games, the theatre and casinos, you will use a great deal of your energy in having fun and these occasions will not be lacking.


Possible momentary or permanent shutdown of your sentimental relationship (for example, because your partner has been unfaithful), or there is a considerable decrease in the frequency of sexual intercourse with your partner. A considerable decrease in fun in general. With Saturn in your fifth SR house it will be an austere year, or at the very least you will choose to spend your free time having very little fun (stamp collection, reading the classics, the study of ancient languages, and so on). Problems with your children: their academic performance may suddenly get worse or they will frequent people you do not like, with consequent domestic tension. Again regarding your children or your attempt to try for a baby, undesirable pregnancies are possible, as is the risk of abortion, or in any case, serious difficulties for those trying for a baby. Women who are in the "right" age range will reach menopause.


Lucidity, a clear vision, an immediate understanding of things in your love life. A relationship which seemed to be blast proof suddenly breaks down, or on the contrary, if you are the most convinced person that you should remain single on the entire planet you will be proven wrong on this issue: you may capitulate by suddenly falling in love. It is also possible that completely unexpected pregnancies are on their way, just as they may be unexpectedly interrupted. A sudden change in lifestyle for one of your children which is perhaps due a temporary period away from home for study or work reasons. You will very much appreciate unexpected and unconventional pleasures (you will experiment quite a lot with sex) and out of the ordinary amusements (extreme sports, unusual competitions and so on), as well as the more traditional ones of the fifth house-Uranus, especially with electronic equipment such as videogames, etc.


Love will keep you on a knife’s edge because of an encounter with a strongly Neptunian person what you will never manage to fully understand. Idealised love that shakes the few certitudes you had in love, relationships that deeply change irreversibly your way of dealing with your feelings. You dream of a love that will hardly have any chance of coming true in the way you would want it to. A person that you have very much idealised may disappoint you. Fears and anguishes in relation to your children and a neurotic relationship with them. You may get obsessed with them about the time they need to be home, or with continuous questions on who they see, or again tormenting them about their school performance. For the young who are approaching the joys of sex for the first time there may be the risk of venereal infections that might create a reasonable apprehension.


A considerable change in your love life may potentially be announced by Pluto in your fifth SR House. In fact, in the next twelve months you may meet someone who changes your love life "forever" (in a positive or negative sense, or at least your way of loving and of living with your loved one will undergo profound transformations. A particularly "hard" lovesickness will momentarily get you down or absorb all your psychological and physical energy. Strong and intense sexual passion. Remarkable affirmation of one of your children in their studies or in their profession. You will begin to devote yourselves to "unconventional" hobbies such as pornography.


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