Plans, plans and more plans that will develop and be defined during this year intercepted by the position of the Sun in the eleventh SR house. It will be particularly during these twelve months that you prepare the ground to get something important going that might give excellent results in the years to come. The same thing applies to friendships; the friendships you already have are intensified and new ones will develop, although some may come to an end as well. In the luckiest cases there will be no lack of important support from influential people: be good at identifying your goals and you will see that chances will not be lacking. You become interested in music or your previous interest will be rekindled; you will enthusiastically start learning an instrument or start playing again, improving your musical skill in playing an instrument you already used to play. In some cases, with the co-habitation of the Sun, of planets such as Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto always in the eleventh SR house, possible bereavement within your circles of friendships and / or, in any case, the possible bereavement of someone you care about.


You dream of projects that can prove to be fruitful but at the same time they can be fickle in terms of results. You dream of future projects, to fly into the future, above all mentally. Your desire for friendships which may, however, be characterized by a trend of “ups and downs” increases. A lady friend suddenly becomes important in your life in terms of affection but also in relation to your work (an important lady friend, who may even be famous, who helps you). You will be inconsistent in asking for support and / or help from those who could effectively help you. The anxiety or fear of a possible loss of someone dear to you may bring you close to a state of depression.

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