Money close up! Money will come in and there will also be outgoings with greater frequency compared to other moments in your life. Also in this case it will be the position of other planets in your SR chart and the contemporaneity of the transit of the slow moving planets in aspect with your natal planets to make clear how to interpret this Sun in the eighth SR house, and to tell you if this money will be more incoming or outgoing. You expose yourselves to "high" financing or mortgage and in some cases there is a real risk of a possible financial reverse, just as, on the contrary, The unforeseen arrival of a conspicuous inheritance or of a bequest or donation. Your sexual activity will intensify but be careful, in this sense, about the possibility of venereal diseases. Possible gynaecological problems for women already have a predisposition for these kinds of pathologies.


A profound interior evolution that changes you radically compared to your past or at least compared to your relationship with it; alternate phases concern the management of your money. You wish to earn more but you may risk making the wrong move (like asking for a loan that is more than you can afford to repay). There may be a property inheritance coming your way or the sale of a property. Your imagination (because of the Moon!) turns towards sexuality and your desire to have sex increases. At times this position of the Moon can also suggest a period of sickness for a friend or a relative.


Financial transactions of certain importance, a greater circulation of money in terms of both incoming money and outgoings. You will be able to have numerous little wins from gambling (lottery and so on) but also have your wallet or bag stolen and / or be victims of scams (from cheques that bounce for modest sums to the credit of your mobile "disappearing" and so on). Money spent to consult fortune-tellers and / or astrologers, or a sudden interest in reading anything to do with mysterious, esoteric topics or magic. In the most difficult and severe cases (always also look at the position of the other planets in the houses of SR and their transits compared to your natal chart) it might also concern danger to the life of a younger person.


Love that is transformed, changes your way of loving and of experiencing love, and which also changes your way of living your sexuality. You will have a romantic encounter with a slightly "dark" and "mysterious" person. This position of Venus is also a very favourable position for all artistic type creations. Generally favoured is the acquisition of money from donations, bequests, inheritances and gambling wins, but in any case, this Venus position generally ensures stability and also abundance regarding income. Also, with any requests for subsidies, loans or mortgages, with Venus in eighth SR house it seems that you won’t encounter any difficulties. It will be during this year that without excessive effort you will obtain everything you ask for. A young woman who has a close relationship with you (a sister but also a friend) is going through her first, emotional and "mysterious" love story.


Mars in the eighth SR house unfortunately tells us about financial losses, there is no doubt about it. From tax arrears that need to be paid, mortgage instalments that can become onerous, loans granted and never repaid to financial "losses" caused by a close relative… the range of the way in which Mars expresses itself as financial loss is really rather a wide term. Also be careful with gambling (the lottery, scratch cards, and so on), since you may lose large sums of money. There may also possibly be quarrels with relatives over inheritances or you may have to fight to get your pension and / or liquidation. Your sexual activity increases but it may also increase the risk of infection due to venereal diseases (with Mars in eighth SR house it is very easy). Stress and / or phobias related to spiritualism, the occult, magic, astrology, and esotericism.


There will be an increase in the flow of money, both in terms of income and outgoings. Thus there will be more opportunities for making money through gambling, arrears, pensions, inheritances, speculation, business, sales, and additional earnings but the possibilities are also high - with the same above -mentioned modalities – of losing money and the risk of really heavy losses if you are not more attentive and cautious in planning al your expenses in the twelve months intercepted by this potion of Jupiter. You may also have a remarkable recovery (or increase) of your sexual activity. Good opportunities for those who do research, above all in a psychic sense, and the same thing applies to those trying to enhance their mediumistic gifts, for those interested in this sort of thing.


Less income and greater costs: let’s not mince words, with Saturn in the eighth SR house, in the next twelve months intercepted by this position, Saturn will tell you of a really difficult financial period, marked by the actual reduction of your finances: from an important client who keeps putting off the payment of a big job to your indebtedness which you may not be able to pay off. In extreme cases this Saturn position indicates the possible use of loan sharks, just as it is possible that there will be significant gambling losses. Strife in relation to obtaining an important inheritance or its loss. Unbeknownst to you your spouse contracts debts which you are then called upon to face.


A real risk of loss of money that you were not expecting: this will probably be due to theft or robbery but also a debt you contracted without being aware of it from a close relative, which you will be called upon to settle. Bad luck in gambling could “throw you” into a difficult financial position but you could also suddenly have an unexpected gambling win or the arrival of an inheritance, a bequest, a donation and so on (often Uranus, by its nature, offers this double interpretation). An unexpected and radical change in your life (Uranus) might lead to an inner rebirth. If beforehand you somehow or other suffered others or “life” in general, with this Uranus position in your eighth SR house this will undergo a U-turn. A possible creative flow for all those who work in sectors that involve creativity.


Worries and anguishes of a financial nature: you may find yourselves in a state of panic after having obtained a loan or financing of some importance which however you will not be sure if you can repay the instalments. Other fears or phobias may instead generally be about sickness or bereavement. You may suddenly have a fear of death with the risk of it progressively becoming a real obsession, or you may be driven on the contrary by an almost morbid curiosity towards all matters related to spiritualism, magic, the occult and to mediumship, but in any case … tread carefully!


Pluto - money in a house strongly linked to the subject of money, may tell you about issues related to your finances. In fact, just as you may be the recipient of a considerable inheritance and / or of a bequest or win a large sum of money gambling, in the same way you may be the victim of a bad theft or robbery, or lose a lot of money gambling. Our advice, in consideration of this Pluto position, is that in the next twelve months you use the maximum level of wisdom and circumspection with regard to money and everything that regards savings-debts-earnings. The eighth house is also connected with death; then it may be possible that you are interested in bereavement or a sudden and obsessive fear of death. Strong sexual drives.


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