Money close up! Money will come in and there will also be outgoings with greater frequency compared to other moments in your life. Also in this case it will be the position of other planets in your SR chart and the contemporaneity of the transit of the slow moving planets in aspect with your natal planets to make clear how to interpret this Sun in the eighth SR house, and to tell you if this money will be more incoming or outgoing. You expose yourselves to "high" financing or mortgage and in some cases there is a real risk of a possible financial reverse, just as, on the contrary, The unforeseen arrival of a conspicuous inheritance or of a bequest or donation. Your sexual activity will intensify but be careful, in this sense, about the possibility of venereal diseases. Possible gynaecological problems for women already have a predisposition for these kinds of pathologies.


A profound interior evolution that changes you radically compared to your past or at least compared to your relationship with it; alternate phases concern the management of your money. You wish to earn more but you may risk making the wrong move (like asking for a loan that is more than you can afford to repay). There may be a property inheritance coming your way or the sale of a property. Your imagination (because of the Moon!) turns towards sexuality and your desire to have sex increases. At times this position of the Moon can also suggest a period of sickness for a friend or a relative.

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