The Sun in this position tells you about your money and a higher incoming and outgoing cash flow. Clearly, in order to confirm this possibility, it is also necessary to confirm the positions of Venus and Jupiter in your natal chart, the contemporaneity of the transits of the slow moving planets that are or are not positive and also the position of other planets in your SR chart. If you have put your apartment on the market this will be the right time to cash-in, or you might receive liquidation or an unexpected bonus, or you may even decide to make an investment. However, at the same time also keep an eye on unexpected expenses. You may find yourself having to spend double the amount you budgeted. With this position of the Sun you could suddenly find that you will be participating in a TV broadcast (even simply as a member of the audience or as a competitor in a quiz). In general you will acquire more visibility. The mass media may for some reason become interested in you or talk about you. During the year you will also have to take greater care of your look and your image. You will develop a sudden interest for photography and / or the cinema.


Your financial situation, in a year intercepted by the position of the Moon in your second SR house, tells us about highs and lows. This will happen intermittently, alternating positive and negative values. It will be therefore be a financial situation that will partly also be influenced by your mood. In general, you will not push to "accumulate" earnings that are higher than those you have obtained until now, and will have a generalised scarce attention to everything that concerns problems of a financial nature. Money comes and goes independently of your will. Expenses for a woman or for your own personal pleasure (your look, aesthetic treatments, and so on).

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