Your parents are to some extent the focal point of your attention in a year with the Sun in this position: your attention will be dedicated to them and to their health, probable assistance to be given to one or even both of them. You will improve although at times they nevertheless get worse your personal relations with them, particularly with your father. Your house and properties in general are also involved in this year. The probable buying or selling of a property, or the possible total or partial restructuring of your house or even a temporary transfer to relatives and / or friends. And again, the probable sale of some land or a second holiday home, and lastly the possible letting of a property that you decide to use as an office.


The need or desire to live in a nice environment makes you wish to move or transform your house. You will dream about buying a more comfortable and spacious house or at least you will renovate the one you already have. Your wish to spend more time at home will increase. Its also likely you decide to move or to relocate your parents from one house to another. Possible property problems and also a distancing from your family, for example because of a divorce, may arise. The health of your parents could turn out to be unstable or your relationship with them becomes unstable.

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