Your parents are to some extent the focal point of your attention in a year with the Sun in this position: your attention will be dedicated to them and to their health, probable assistance to be given to one or even both of them. You will improve – although at times they nevertheless get worse – your personal relations with them, particularly with your father. Your house and properties in general are also involved in this year. The probable buying or selling of a property, or the possible total or partial restructuring of your house or even a temporary transfer to relatives and / or friends. And again, the probable sale of some land or a second holiday home, and lastly the possible letting of a property that you decide to use as an office.


The need or desire to live in a nice environment makes you wish to move or transform your house. You will dream about buying a more comfortable and spacious house or at least you will renovate the one you already have. Your wish to spend more time at home will increase. It’s also likely you decide to move or to relocate your parents from one house to another. Possible property problems and also a distancing from your family, for example because of a divorce, may arise. The health of your parents could turn out to be unstable or your relationship with them becomes unstable.


You are about to make a rather quick decision about buying a house; it’s probably something already started by your parents and which you will finish. The question of your house will become particularly important in this year. It will generally also be your relationship with your parents, in particular with your father, which will characterise the next twelve months. This Mercury position in the fourth SR house might also mean work of an intellectual nature sustained in favour of your family; frequent movements to and from your house or from one house to another.


Your living conditions improve: you will buy or move to a house that you like, which is more spacious and brighter than the one that you have lived in until now. Or else you will manage to expand your house with building works, or you may buy an extra room from a neighbour who sells you a room that he/she does not need. You will return home after a long period away, which occurred for work reasons or even because of a temporary separation from your spouse; thus, a reconciliation at home. Your bonds of affection with your parents, and particularly with your father, will improve. However, Venus is also health and thus there will be an improvement in health for one or both your parents.


Work will be carried out in your home, an excess of activity within your domestic walls, at times may also indicate the end of some kind of activity or at least substantial change of your attitude towards work. Possible damage to your house (fire or collapses) or damage to the electrical or heating system. It can also mean a possible temporary house move to another house and higher costs you have to face for your house or penalties you have to pay for it. Possible conflicts and quarrels in the family, which in some cases may also symbolise the health problems of your father and his possible hospitalisation. A lot of commitment – meaning effort, the energy you have to use – to explore your family’s roots or alternatively to search for your own profound inner roots: a personal development path will commence.


You are about to experience a year that will easily bring you benefits from the real estate sector. You will buy the house of your dreams or finally manage to sell your house with a consequent considerable incoming flow of money. An unexpected inheritance may also be possible regarding real estate, or you will manage to renovate a house exactly as you want it. Jupiter in the fourth SR house can also mean a remarkable improvement in the health of your parents and particularly your father: from his health to his financial and / or professional situation, or your personal relationship with him significantly improves.


Saturn in the house of the father most probably tells us about a health problem for him: of a pathology that has now become chronic and thus a reason for hospitalisation and an operation. In this year, with this Saturn position, you will be called upon to look after your parents. However, Saturn in the fourth SR house could also tell us about considerable sacrifices and financial efforts almost to the limit of your possibilities for buying (or the restructuring) a new house, or even about a particularly difficult move to go and live elsewhere. It also means efforts and sacrifices to manage to support a previously stipulated mortgage. At times it means damage to your home. Dampness penalises the environment in which you live. Possible stomach problems.


Uranus in your IV SR house usually tells you about a "shake up" at home: from a normal house move to a quarrel with your parents (especially with your father), it is probable that in this year you will feel under pressure to leave the house of your family or at least to stay away to try new avenues. In the same way, Uranus in the fourth house may also tell you of a "forced" abandonment of your home, for example because of an eviction or temporary restructuring works: here you will take a lot of care and attention with your house’s electrical systems. Attempts, which will sometimes come off, of renewing the basic elements, and the nature of your personality.


Neptune - waters in the fourth SR house tells you about anguishes or phobias about the house you live in and concerning theoretical damage to your home because of a flood caused by split water pipes or similar things. The same anguishes may concern dread and anxieties of not being able to pay an instalment of your loan or lease and so on. Worries and / or real neuroses may affect the health of your parents (especially your father), above all in regard to possible mental pathologies. A confused and "dim" climate in your father’s home.


A part of your life may finish forever and a new one begins by this radical and profound change and Pluto may talk to you from deep within in your fourth SR House, but not only. This position of the planet can tell you of the arrival of a considerable property (which you inherit or is donated to you) or even of you buying an expensive property, or damage to a property you own caused by natural events (for example, by an earthquake). Your father may suddenly experience a very important moment from the point of view of personal prestige, for example thanks to his professional affirmation, or instead he may be going through a period of bad health. Your relationship with your parents may reveal aggressive attitudes from both sides.


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