Exorcising Mars

This position of Mars works well only very rarely and in any case, only for those who have a Mars that is a bit "weak" in their natal chart (in Cancer or in Libra) with the consequent sensation of often feeling undecided, always a little “lacking“ in willpower; with Mars in the first house subjects instead might suddenly feel “pushed forwards”, galvanised, spurred on and pervaded by a decision-making tendency they have never before experienced. For all others this is, in any case, a Mars that needs to be exorcised, its energies must absolutely be "unloaded". In what way? For example by spontaneously going to the dentist, also without any particular necessity at that moment in time, but "suffering" a bit spontaneously and "bleeding" a little bit, so as to "unload" the symbol of Mars-Iron-Blood in the first house. Another way to unload this Mars position might be through medical means, perhaps undergoing a small (or simple) operation that you have put off until now (the removal of cyst, mole, cleaning of the meniscus in arthroscopy, and so on). A third solution might be in doing quite a lot of sport (from a normal gym to a true sport, or in fact a quiet run through the meadows if you are a little lazy); another "amusing" way to unload the Mars energies is through more and more intense sexual activity. Lastly, any physically strenuous work - from transporting materials in your car that you will have to load and unload personally to difficult transfers of books from one place to another and so on - it all helps to "exorcize" the position of Mars in the first house.

It is a good thing to remember that during the relevant passage, you could essentially run into a single “big risk”: such as a real loss of money. So how can the Mars symbol be unloaded? How can you “exorcise” this "risk" by anticipating it, in such a way as not to be directly "taken down" by the blows of the lord of Aries and of Scorpio? For example – though it may seem obvious – by forcing yourself as much as possible to increase your earnings by doing overtime as much as possible, or (even better!) by finding a second job; if you are independent professionals you can try to increase your number of clients and/or consultancy but the sense of your effort will always remain the same: a lot more direct action with the purpose of increasing earnings. If instead there are "essential" expenses that you have to bear, it will be a good thing “to take opportunities” when Mars passes in your second house, especially if you buy items which manifest images (television sets, digital cameras, and so on). In the same way all expenses will be useful if they concern looking after your image (money spent on clothes, hairdressers, beauticians, and so on).

With this Mars position the necessity might arise for you to move around frequently and on a daily basis for work or other reasons; well, even if this isn’t necessary, make it happen! It will be an excellent way of unloading the energies of the red planet transiting your third House. How? By choosing perhaps the most "difficult" course of languages to go to, considering the location of your house, or rather deciding to meet your sister (or brother) and/or cousin two or three times a week in a place far away from where you live: the concept is moving, even on a daily basis (which would be best), going a long way away. It doesn’t matter if you make this "effort" by car, on foot, by bike or by plane; the important thing is that you carry out this frequent moving. The third House is also your car, and you can also spend money on greater care and maintenance (tyres, carwashes, mechanical work, and so on). Lastly, devote yourself completely to the study of a particularly "difficult" university exam, a new foreign language to be learnt well and then write, phone, and communicate as much as possible, and remember that the third house is the house of written and spoken communication!

Mars transit in your IV house almost always means domestic work you need to carry out: how can you best unload this symbol? Easy! Get going, for example by repainting the house, or rewire it, or install new plumbing, or completely change the layout of the furniture inside the premises (this also applies to the work place whether the office is your property or rented) and you will see that Mars will be happy with your "sacrifice", that it won’t ask you for anything more; also the costs incurred for your home will be something the lord the Aries will like very much. The same applies if you take out - if you haven’t already got it – house insurance against fires (a very good idea!) or you can ask for an extension of your mortgage so as to pay for the costs to your home (restructuring it and so on). The IV house also means your parents and in this case you will have to spend time and energy to care for them, visiting them more often or, if necessary, accompanying them to the doctor's and/or to support their treatment and/or therapies or by inviting them to come on holiday with you.

The ideal way to exorcize this Mars position is without doubt by practicing a lot of sport: either you love sport (you can increase the amount of sporting activity) or if instead you are a lazy person (better still!) then begin to practice a sport: from skiing to running, from tennis to cycling, from swimming to basketball, but in all cases you have to move, run, jump and sweat. The fifth house is also and especially about amusement, evenings out, friends: dancing to the rhythm of music is recommended in order to exorcise this Mars. The fifth house also symbolises our children and the person we love so you can dedicate yourself to them in body and soul (helping them in their tasks, subscribing them to a gym, unloading the weight of your partner’s problems) and at the same time as caring for them you will show Mars that you are "moving" in the direction of its meaning; is Mars also a clear sexual symbol and is or isn’t the fifth house also the house of sexual activity? Well you can increase it! Lastly, the fifth house is also education (this is one of its meanings) so you can organise yourself to attend and/or to hold one or more seminaries.

The effects of Mars transiting the sixth House (daily work but also health) are usually rather "substantial". You need to equip yourself properly to unload this planet. How? For example putting in his place that colleague who always makes fun of you and also hinders you in your tasks and/or, in any case, makes you feel uneasy: sing out loud in front of him (without coming to blows of course!) and you will see that it works. Changing the way of exorcising the planet and considering the sixth house as the one related to health, then remember to go spontaneously to the dentist to clean your mouth rather than devitalising or removing a tooth (Mars likes the latter very much because it sees “suffering and blood”) or again go to a doctor for a good check-up and/or, if it’s not about you directly, at least go to visit a loved one who may be in hospital. Another way to unload the Mars symbol successfully in the house of health is by "preventing" the ailments you suffer from systematically: look after yourself more and with a great deal of care if you suffer from chest or throat complications, and take care wherever you go like up and down stairs if, for example, your weak point is your bones.

Also in the case of Mars transiting your seventh house the subject remains the same: you will exorcize this symbol in the best possible way by "anticipating" its transit. But how can it be done in this case? By going on the attack, discussing, even in a lively manner, shouting if necessary. All of this before others do it to you. In this way, you will be the first “to declare war”, thus avoiding the blows (which are certainly not pleasant) that Mars might inflict upon you transiting your VII house. You can easily conduct these battles with your neighbour, your colleague who puts you under stress, the usual impolite person who tries to pass in front of you in a queue while you are in the post office or rather someone you are taking legal proceedings against. Also you can demonstrate in the street, join a movement for the defence of the environment or protest energetically in a loud voice with a union member. These are all actions that are good for offloading Mars in the seventh house. The same applies to very aggressive sports like boxing, rugby, and so on.

With Mars in this position you must check your money and outgoings with extreme attention; to do this you must obviously limit costs as much as possible, especially costs that are not essential, opening your wallet as little as possible. But this is not sufficient. You have to plan well and with anticipation in relation to the useful and/or essential costs before Mars passes in the preceding houses to the eighth one (or rather the sixth and seventh house); then you have to plan the aforementioned costs. When Mars passes in the eighth house you can begin to spend your money, for example on little changes to your home and/or to improve it (household electrical appliances, furniture etc) or perhaps you can spend your money on a new car or take advantage of the situation to pay off old debts (Mars likes this a lot!) or tax arrears, unpaid debts, condominium expenses or even to go to the dentist and so on, always bearing in mind that they must be costs you have to pay off; let’s be clear: speculations of any kind are strictly prohibited like any games of chance.

Here, whether you like it or not, you will be forced to travel, and travel “far away”, so it would be better if you planned to go abroad. In short Mars in the house of faraway journeys makes you leave before Mars forces you to do so for a reason you may not like very much. Therefore the reasons for doing this can be numerous: a journey for study purposes (including hard work in the place you go to), for learning a foreign language or for health reasons (perhaps yours but more probably to bring comfort and/or to provide care for your loved ones). Do you have to deal with bureaucratic questions that you might be able to solve in the place where you reside but it would be even better to solve them in a location and/or entity and/or Ministry in another country or city? Excellent! Activate yourself in this sense and you will see that you will have unloaded Mars in the ninth house in the best possible way. In any case these movements must be based on the concept of a journey against your will, of a trip you impose upon yourself. Constant and assiduous reading and / or studies concerning "faraway" subjects as yoga, para-psychology, esotericism, and so on are excellent ways.

This Mars position asks you to “push yourself hard” to obtain greater consideration, esteem, visibility, recognition, promotions and/or advancements at work. But it is also to improve your life-style depending on your social position: therefore by asking for or even insisting on a meeting for yourself with the “big boss” or to ask a woman waiting for you to take “the big step” to marry you; these are excellent ways to unload the passage of Mars in your tenth house. Also to be more educated, to read more, to study more, to specialise more, “to give more of yourself” to your work with no holds barred to obtain better performance, can be a good way to unload Mars in tenth house; if we also interpret the tenth house as all round emancipation then it is time for those who still live at home with their parents (the IV) to reach for their tenth in the natal chart and of "leaving" the past by going to live alone, perhaps starting by living with someone else. Since nevertheless the tenth house is also our mother, we have to use as much energy as possible in going to see her if she needs us for any medical care, moral comfort or in any case dedicating more time to her.

You will have to look after your friends more than usual; it seems a little obvious but it isn’t at all, because according to the concept of "anticipating" a transit, you will always have look after them before the contrary happens: or rather that they look after you perhaps by putting you in a spot of bother or worse proving to be, in the instances where Mars is in transit in the eleventh house, absolutely hostile to you. So contact your friends, meet them, write numerous emails to them, call them, in short get involved much more than you usually do; another good way to unload this Mars symbol is by doing projects, but without staring out of a window or changing subjects, but instead activating yourself following a methodology: a defined number of customers per day to reach your sales targets (as an example), or a defined number of CVs to be sent to a defined number of potential employers every day and so on. The important thing is that you give yourselves practical objectives and a number of objectives simultaneously and then strive to attain them all. The eleventh house also represents the influential support from important people: go and ask unceasingly to try to get whatever you want. Lastly, the most pleasant way to unload Mars in the eleventh house (that is also related to music) consists in playing – if you are able – your favourite musical instrument a lot more.

Transiting Mars through the house of trials (the twelfth one) tells us about “wounds” in general: here also, more than in other Mars passages, you must anticipate the transit of the red planet. In what way? By going spontaneously to the dentist and/or having an operation (depending on your needs) thus symbolically "sacrificing" a little bit of your “physical health” to the star. Another appropriate way for the twelfth house is by trying to identify your enemies as much as possible – if you have any – like people who perhaps openly treat you and/or frequent you in certain way, and then try to stab you in the back. If you are sure of having identified the person and you have tangible proof of it, well don’t hesitated to face him openly, belligerently and without half measures, tell him what’s up at and be aggressive about it (Mars asks you for it!). The concept is that you must no longer accept anything passively. If you are fed up: then say it out loud to let others know. Yet another way to unload the Mars symbol in this house is by devoting yourself in general to further applying yourself, if this interests you, to study or to the research in esoteric, magic, or mysterious fields. Lastly, dedicate yourselves in an absolute way to charitable works or assistance of any kind to all those who suffer.

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